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Sebastian Kienle Crowned European Ironman Champion

12 July 2017

The German powerhouse successfully defended his title to become the first male athlete to win a continental title for the third time after his victories in 2016 and 2014.


As usual he lost some time on the best swimmers and left the water 3 min behind the leaders. After the swim the race turned once again into a Sebastian Kienle show. He posted a fighting 04:02:22 bike spit on his Plasma, which was by far the fastest of the day. During the run most athletes would have paid for such a quick bike leg. He finished the run with an impressive marathon time of 02:45:00 to come home in 07:41:42 to win in front of Andi Böcherer and Patrick Nilsson.


The message to Frodeno et al. came loud and clear: He is getting ready to rumble in Kona this year.


1. Sebastian Kienle 07:41:42

2. Andi Böcherer 07:46:07

3. Patrik Nilsson 07:50:16

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