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Glorious victory of Marco De Gasperi at the Sierre Zinal

14 August 2012
De Gasperi makes it three at Sierre-Zinal

Italy’s Marco de Gasperi took his second straight win and his third in total at the Sierre-Zinal race in Switzerland last weekend. There was some great race-long coverage via Ian Corless of Talk Ultra on facebook and twitter, documenting what seemed like a super-hot and super-competitive Alpine battle…
This one never fails to disappoint when it comes to drama and after what seemed like a mammoth race with Cesar Costa (now a three-time runner up!) and Jose Cardona.

But you have to take your hat off to the legend that is de Gasperi. The Forestale runner and SCOTT athlete has had a difficult season with illness in 2012, and was challenged strongly over the 31km route, however using his class and skill honed over 15 years at the top of the sport he overhauled Costa to take the win.
Talented SCOTT athlete Joe Grey (USA) became 7th in the men ranking and 31-year-old Celine Lafaye (FRA) became 8th in the overall women ranking
We are very proud and congratulate our athletes for their great success.

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Thanks to Jean Louis Bal who provided us with the photos.