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Joe Gray Finishes in the Top Ten at the World Mountain Running Championships

09 September 2013

photo courtesy Nancy Hobbs


SCOTT Sports International team member Joe Gray finishes 7th, leading the US team to a 4th place finish at the 2013 World Mountain Running Championships.

As stated by Nancy Hobbs' Examiner article, "Joseph Gray, 29, Renton, WA, had been in the lead pack on lap one and was poised for a top ten finish.  'I went out with the pack,' said Gray.  'I felt pretty strong, I felt like I could make a move.  The crowd here is so energetic, I don't think I realized how fast I was going with the leaders.  The next thing I knew I got pulled along with the Ugandans.  I felt like I ran a strong second lap, relative to how I felt (over the three-lap course).  I didn't have as great of a day as I could have--I made some mistakes on the course.  I want to come back, I love the World Champs, it's one of my favorite races.  It's one of the best team races you can do as a pro.' "

Running in the SCOTT Race Rocker, Joe finished in seventh place with a time of 56:25 to lead Team USA to a fourth place team finish, their third consecutive fourth place finish at Worlds.

Ian Sharman wins the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning at Wasatch 100 Miler

Ian Sharman

photo courtesy iRunFar.com

SCOTT Sports athlete Ian Sharman placed second at the Wasatch Front 100 Miler, securing the overall Grand Slam of Ultrarunning and besting the previous overall series record by 5 hours!

Ian Sharman takes second at the 2013 Wasatch 100 in 21:01:30 and sets a new record for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning with a combined time of 69:49:38.  Earlier this summer, Ian ran 16:20:25 at Western States, 15:57:42 at Vermont, and 16:30:01 at Leadville.  Neal Gorman previously held the official Grand Slam record with a combined time of 74:54:16 by way or running Western States in 18:14:00, Vermont in 16:33:11, Leadville in 18:47:54, and Wasatch in 21:19:11.

Ian battled all summer with fellow Brit Nick Clark.  As stated by Bryon Powell of iRunFar, "Both had incredible summers with top placings at the Western States and Vermont 100s before the duo alternated taking the top two spots at the Leadville 100 (won by Sharman) and Wasatch 100 (won by Clark).  At the end of the summer, Sharman had lowered the record for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning by nearly five hours.  In the following extensive interview, the duo go on about their runs at Wasatch and their incredible summers." Read or watch more at iRunFar.com.

What shoe did Ian wear?  "I wore Kinabalus for every step of the 400 miles of racing and they let me run as fast as I could," Sharman said of his shoe of choice.  Congratulations, Ian, for a fantastic summer of racing!