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Sage Canaday: the Road to Transvulcania

08 May 2013

On May 11th, SCOTT athlete and ultrarunner Sage Canaday will participate in Transvulcania, one of the hardest and more technical Skyrunning events of the year.  Eager to try his hand at this grueling 52 mile course with 13,000 feet of elevation change, Sage looks to take to the podium as he encounters one of his self-described "biggest challenges so far."


Transvulcania map

A 52 mile race on the Canary Island of La Palma, Transvulcania has quickly become one of the most closely watched Skyrunning events.  Transvulcania has gained prestige since its inception in 2009, quickly attracting the most elite ultrarunners from around the world.  As the runners circle around the island, they encounter some of the most technical and extreme conditions, with mountainous and rocky terrain, and extreme elevation and temperature changes.  Click here for more information on Transvulcania.


Sage Canaday

Sage has a strong background in long distance running, but only came to the sport of ultrarunning this past year.  With only 1 year under his belt, he's blown away the competition and everyone has taken notice.  Sage, who says that he seeks out only the best competitors, goes into Transvulcania fully aware of the challenge and prepared to finish strong.  His eye is on frontrunner Killian Jornet, who placed 3rd at last year's event.  With last year's first and second place finishers out of the race, Sage sees the potential to grab a spot on the podium.  Sage's strength lies in his strong and fast uphill running.  The race begins with 30 miles of climbing, giving Sage an opportunity to start out strong.  As the course quickly turns into a steep and treacherous 12 mile downhill stretch, Sage knows he'll have to keep his eye on Jornet, who excels at the downhill.  Sage has been training to improve on his downhill running in order to keep the lead he may gain in the beginning, making it anyone's guess as to who will win this year.

And while the world watches to see which elite runner will take the top spot, Sage still runs for the love of it all.  As we discuss grueling miles and impossible terrain, Sage still takes the time to remind me that "running is a dream come true" for him.  And so it seems that regardless of the race outcome on the small island off the Spanish coast, Sage will be having the time of his life.