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Winter Training Tips from SCOTT Athlete Joseph Gray

13 January 2014

Winter Training Tips 

By SCOTT Athlete Joseph GRay

  1. Don't be afraid of the cold: Get out for a run a few times a week and brave the weather. This will help you accept that winter is here and mentally prepare you for handling the cold weather.
  2. Get the right gear: If you will be running on a lot of patches of snow/ice it's important to get a shoe that can retain a soft and grippy outsole in winter conditions. The SCOTT Icerunner or Winterrunner are a "got to" shoe for winter training as the sole provides grip even when temperatures drop below zero. The shoe features a seamless stretchy upper that makes for a comfortable fit, especially convenient when you need to use a thicker winter sock. The shoe is also equipped with an Ion Mask treatment, which prevents the shoe from collecting water.
  3. Copy the Scandinavians: While in Norway and also Great Britian I realized one thing most runners there had in common. They all drank warm drinks before running. This can help raise your core temperature before heading into cold climates. Another benefit is that warm drinks warm up your hands before putting on your gloves. This will keep your hands warmer, longer.
  4. DRINK UP: One of the biggest mistakes sthletes make in the winter time is not hydrating enough. Typically you are cold and cold weather does not cause you to feel thirsty. However, your body is still sweating and sweat evaporates even quicker during the winter due to lack of humidity and dry air.
  5. Dread the mill: Stay away from training primarily on treadmills. They can throw off your stride as well as cause stress on the hamstrings, leading to injury. Try something new during the winter!