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23 May 2011
Source from http://www.fall-line.co.uk/news/gear-news/ski-of-the-year-silver-medallist-scott-venture SCOTT is no stranger to the award table at Fall-Line. The company has won overall twice and claimed the Silver once before; now it’s time to pick it up again with yet another universally praised new ski. The SCOTT Venture was the most tested ski on the UK industry ski test by a mile. It had nearly twice as many reviews as the next ski, and still maintained consistently high scores across every category. With skis like the Venture it’s increasingly hard to drop them into a type: the grip is so strong you could feasibly spend plenty of time on piste and not feel you’d bought the wrong ski. That would clearly be a vast waste of the Venture’s abilities. Like many of the skis we fall for, the Venture is a true do-anything model. We assessed it in powder, crud, trees, steeps and slush, and we had everyone from proven ski maniacs to enthusiastic intermediates giving it a go. All came back converted. Where does it sit in the SCOTT range, and versus the competition? We’d place it between the Mission and the Crusade in terms of stiffness, and poppier and more responsive than both, though bear in mind SCOTT makes some of the most engagingly lively skis around, so we’re splitting hairs here (point to note – looking down the test results in the freeride category, SCOTT has high test numbers and scores for every model). We’d say it’s either a post Mission ski, or for a more freeride-oriented skier than a Crusade or Mission. It’s certainly a more powerful ski than the Atomic Theory, which means your skill level (or weight) needs to be a notch up to get the very best from it. SCOTT Venture Top Sheet and Base design Sidecut specs are: 130/95/117 (178cm length) Lengths: 168/178/188 The fancy detail is the venturi nose and tail, which we’ve seen before in the Crusade (the Silver Award winner from 2009/10). It’s supposed to create chanelled airflow around the tip and tail, aiding manoeuvrability. All we know, after days of testing, is that the whole blend works. In the past two seasons SCOTT has developed the most extraordinary deep laquer finish for most of its skis, so the feeling when you pick them up is of very high quality. We'd like to see a little tip and tail protection to keep them pristine after skiing for a few days; if you're a klutz you'll take the shine off these. Overall, SCOTT have delivered yet another outstanding one-ski-quiver. Whatever conditions you're faced with, the Ventures will deliver. No-one who tested them found an area of skiing they couldn't cope with. But it's not just about coping. It's about making your days on the hill outstanding. These do it, and then some. Review by Fall Line Skiing. Find the original HERE