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The Wallisch Project

27 August 2013

SCOTT Sports is proud to announce the official iTunes release of star athlete, Tom Wallisch's, new digital short film.

Looking to branch out from the traditional ski segment model, Wallisch teamed up with cinematographer, Kyle Decker, to produce his very own digital short ski film.  This new style of project allowed Wallisch to focus all of his efforts on one film and be fully involved with the entire process from start to finish.  The result is roughly eight minutes of non-stop, jaw-dropping action that viewers are sure to eat up, and Wallisch is proud to call his own.  As of today, The Wallisch Project is available for download on iTunes for $2.99, go check it for yourself; you'll be happy you did.

Wallisch heli

Official Trailer


Trailer 2 (behind the scenes)