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Mike Horn sets new record for Antarctic crossing

13 February 2017

After 57 days, on the 7th of February at 22:50 UT Mike Horn reaches the end of the Antarctic Continent! It's Done!!



Mike Horn has just successfully completed the crossing of Antarctica alone and without receiving any supplies underway. He started December 13th 2016 from the Russian base Novolazarevskaya and he reached the French base Dumont-d’Urville on February 7th 2017, via the South Pole in 57 days and covered a distance of 5100 km, thus being the first man in history to cross Antarctica on this specific route at it‘s largest distance, his route map here below.

Pole2Pole itinerary

On 10 January 2017 Mike was at the end of the world literally - the South Pole.


The traverse of Antarctica is part of Horn's Pole 2 Pole journey to circumnavigate the globe from pole to pole, over land and sea, covering 24,000 miles and visiting six continents. Horn began last May, sailing from Monaco to Namibia.



He will now continue his journey aboard his sailing vessel Pangaea to the Arctic, where he will attempt to cross the Arctic via the North Pole and then onto Greenland where he will finish at his departure point in Monaco.

Stay tuned for more information about his Pole 2 Pole journey, how he trained beforehand and which equipment he is using.

(All photo credits by ®DmitrySharomov)

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