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Zero loss simply means that all the energy you put into a pedal stroke gets transferred to the bike through your shoes. We would argue that loosing zero energy during those pedal strokes is quite important if you want to win a race. Our lightweight, high-end carbon infused racing shoes are the result of carbon meeting comfort - a fusion of the most exotic materials to provide you with an untameable weapon built for zero loss of movement. 


Carbitex CX6®

Carbon fiber has the highest tensile strength of any commercially available fiber, which allows for ultimate power transfer, as the fiber, unlike conventional cycling shoe uppers, has virtually zero elongation. Carbitex CX6® carbon composite harnesses these key stiffness characteristics in an exceptionally flexible form enabling a glove like fit.

air flow on the brand new SCOTT Centric Helmet

Boa® System

The Boa® System IP-1 is the latest evolution of the proven closure system, that strikes the ideal balance between precision and convenience. The Boa System IP1 allows cyclists to tighten and loosen their shoes 1 mm at a time making it easy to adjust pressure and achieve a perfect fit. It adapts to your individual needs by turning the dial with one hand, even while cycling.

air flow on the brand new SCOTT Centric Helmet

HMX Carbon Outsole

HMX carbon fiber is used to maximize strength and to keep weight low. SCOTT has worked with scientists for several years to develop a concept which integrates maximum comfort and efficiency via the outsole. HMX is a fiber blend used by SCOTT, and is 20 percent stiffer than the conventional HMF counterpart for the same weight. This unique material allows SCOTT engineers to create incredibly light shoes with excellent riding characteristics. The cost of HMX, however, is three times that of HMF, and is therefore reserved for our high end racing shoes.

air flow on the brand new SCOTT Centric Helmet

Lightweight Design

Designed with the most unique, high-performance materials, these carbon infused racing shoes are the lightest in our current shoe range. Light shoes alone however won't speed up your ride. Therefore, we made sure that the shoes are also incredibly stiff to transfer power while offering a glove like fit.

air flow on the brand new SCOTT Centric Helmet

Cycling Shoes for Olympic Champions