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There are places in this world that truly take your breath away. Come out of the train that takes you into Zermatt, look up and to the right, and this is what happens. If you thought you knew sheer beauty in the form of mountains, blue sky and fresh air – think again.

We sent Andrew Neethling, a South African native deep into the Swiss Alps to give him an experience he’d never dreamt of having. Normally these stories are full of, well, stories. But for this episode of “Chasing Trail,” we decided to let the photos, and Andrew’s riding do the talking.

If you’ve been to Zermatt, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t been – book your ticket ASAP – it’s the place to be.

Athlete: Andrew Neethling | Video: ShapeRideShoot | Photos: Keno Derleyn