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Faster. For Longer.

Foil Disc

The later you brake the longer you can keep your speed. We gain speed and performance not only with aerodynamics and increased power output but also with braking performance. The lines you take, the trust in your bike and management of your speed gives you a new way of winning seconds and possibility to decide a race. The Foil disc gives you the trust in your bike to carry your speed until the last possible moment in every condition.

Control and speed update

The disc version has the same well-proven lightweight and aero frame as the rim brake version and is still amongst the lightest aero bikes on the market. In order to minimize air drag and to optimize performance in cross winds, the fork has been completely redesigned. A one piece construction allows for lightweight and increased stiffness.

Disc-Optimized fork

The fork has been completely redesigned to manage the asymmetrical forces of disc brakes and to guarantee a perfect airflow around the brakes. Internal brake cable routing and enough tire clearance to accommodate up to 30C tires complete the new fork.

Thru Axle

The Foil disc comes with a 12 mm thru axle at the front and at the rear which is becoming a standard for road bikes. The head of the front axle has a diameter of 25 mm. This gives mores contact surface between the frame and the axle in order to carry the extra load coming from the front brake. The head of the rear axle remains at 20mm because the loads are smaller. On both axles the lever can be removed to enhance both the aerodynamics and the aesthetics of the bike.

Aerodynamic Construction

The head tube on the Foil features a head-to-toe aero profile with excellent aerodynamic properties especially at low yaw angles. The shape of the leading edge is optimized with additional carbon layers in order to be as aerodynamic as possible. To minimize air drag around the brakes the new fork has been completely redesigned.

Power transfer

The PF86 bottom bracket allows for a wide connection of the downtube and the tapered seat tube to the BB. SCOTT’s patented carbon manufacturing process and its unique carbon lay-up enable an extremely stiff bottom bracket.

Comfort Zone Construction

The Foil features a low seatstay attachment which in combination with a modified and noticeably thin seatstay shape leads to a smooth riding experience even on rough roads. The focused approach to improve comfort on the Foil resulted in an increase in vertical compliance.

Derailleur Hanger

The frame comes with 2 versions of the derailleur hanger, one for traditional derailleurs, the other one for direct mount derailleurs. Direct mount is a standard from Shimano, today available for Dura Ace and Ultegra Groupsets. The direct mount hanger gives more space to remove the wheel which makes the wheel change easier and faster.


Aside from the direct mount hanger and in cooperation with our road bike team, we have designed dropouts that allow the rear wheel to be easily guided into the dropout recess. The hub first contact the slanted (front) part of the recess and by lifting up the wheel, it goes into its final position.

Head tube

The head tube on the Foil features a head-to-toe aero profile with excellent aerodynamic properties especially at low yaw angles. The shape of the leading edge is optimized with additional carbon layers in order to be as aerodynamic as possible. Furthermore an aero profile ensures the perfect transition between the frame and the fork for maximum aerodynamic performance.

Seat Post

The Foil features a perfectly integrated seat post clamp and a neat transition between the seat-tube and the seat post to maximize aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining utility. The proprietary seat post follows the aerodynamic tube shapes of the frame and features a setback of either 5mm or 20mm.


Syncros aero RR1.0 cockpit

The fully integrated RR1.0 cockpit from Syncros was developed in conjunction with the Foil and adds to the aerodynamic excellence of this bike. Its superior aerodynamic properties stem from its aero-optimized shape which includes an F01 profile on the horizontal part of the bar along with state-of-the-art integration possibilities. Full integration of brake cables, mechanical and electronic shifting cables and Shimano’s Di2 junction box ensure a smooth transition between the cockpit and the frame, a clean look and aerodynamic cable routing. Despite the aerodynamic bar design which even features a recess to ensure a smooth transition between the bar tape and the grippy top area of the bar where no bar tape is needed, the Syncros Aero RR1.0 Cockpit has been designed following ergonomic principles. Another major advantage of this integrated carbon cockpit is the ability to specifically tailor the performance of the carbon structure on one piece. Towards the connection with the bar, the stem flares out into a triangulated section which offers a larger contact point for the bar to maximize rigidity and resist twisting.

Removing the junction between stem and bar, in addition, increases the stiffness of the cockpit to a level that is impossible to achieve for a conventional setup. At the same time, the carbon cockpit weighs in at an impressively low 395g (42cm bar width/110mm stem length). While the bar angle is predetermined due to the one-piece cockpit construction, the engineering team has conducted an in-depth analysis of handle bar positions in order to create a neutral position. Two different mount options make sure Garmin head units can be perfectly positioned in front of the cockpit and the rider has his data easily visible at all times. The Syncros Aero RR1.0 Cockpit is also available as an aftermarket piece. Thanks to a reducer shim it is compatible with both 1 1/4” and 1 1/8” steerers. Specific Aero Spacers have been designed for the Foil in order to achieve a smooth transition between the stem and the frame. The Aero Spacers are available in 2mm, 5mm, 10mm and 20mm in order to fine tune the stack of the cockpit.

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Syncros aero rr1.0 cockpit

Best in every condition

Now the Foil is not just one of the fastest bikes out there, but it also surprises with great control in all conditions. Nowadays races are often won by millimeters and to have better brakes can definitely give you an edge on others. With disc brakes you have the chance to overtake riders by cutting into corners whereas just having more confidence in your brakes in any condition can make the difference between fast and fastest.

Win every ride !

Since its introduction back in 2010, heaps of races have been won on the Foil. To date (August 2017), the Foil holds 32 Grand Tour stage wins and four Monuments. The Foil has been first across the finish line in 153 races at the highest level of cycling. The Foil has been designed to win every ride! Regardless of whether you’re competing, chasing a virtual segment or taking on your riding buddies in an imaginary sprint finale, the Foil is the ultimate machine for those striving to win.

Foil Range

SCOTT Foil Premium disc Bike
SCOTT Foil Premium disc Bike
SCOTT Foil RC Bike
SCOTT Foil RC Bike
SCOTT Foil 10 disc Bike
SCOTT Foil 10 disc Bike
SCOTT Foil 10 Bike
SCOTT Foil 10 Bike
SCOTT Foil 20 disc Bike
SCOTT Foil 20 disc Bike
SCOTT Foil 20 Bike
SCOTT Foil 20 Bike
SCOTT Foil 30 Bike
SCOTT Foil 30 Bike