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Tracks differ, as do riding styles and riders. With that idea in mind, we tried to design a bike that allows you to decide on set up based on your specific needs. With the available geometry adjustments the Gambler can have almost the same geometry with either wheel size.  Thanks to adjustable BB heights, chainstay lengths and head angles we were able to create a seriously fast bike regardless of whether you want to run 26” or 27.5” wheels. Why compromise if you don’t have to?

IDSX Dropouts

Simpler, Stiffer, Lighter
The IDS-X Dropouts have a unique axle and dropout interface which locks the axle into place.  This design eliminates the need for pinch bolts on the rear axle.  We were tired of the rear ends of bikes coming loose after long days in the bike park so we set out to find a solution.  After many one off prototypes we found this solution in the form of eccentric and conical shapes on the axle and dropouts.  These shapes key into each other and lock the rear end down tight.  In addition, the stiffer feeling rear end provides for better and more consistent cornering traction over traditional axle/dropout designs.

The Gambler 710 has stepped it up once again. Designed to fit both the 27.5” and 26” wheels it has to be one of the most adjustable bikes on the circuit. Depending on the track, the conditions even the rider, you can make it flat out fast.

Brendan Fairclough, Resident Pro/Tester

Chain Stay Length Adjustment

Adjustability has always been one of the Gamblers strong points over the years. The Gambler 700 is no different. The rear end has two chainstay length settings, providing for ideal setups anytime, anywhere. In the low BB setting, the longer 440mm setting is designed to work best for high speed tracks or riders who like a planted rear end. The @Brendog1 approved, shorter 425mm chain stay setting gives the bike a lively feel and works better on tighter tracks. With the higher BB setting, the available chain stay lengths are 421mm and 435mm.

Adjustable Head Angle

The Gambler 700 series has a stock head angle of 63°. Thanks to the provided Syncros Angled Headsets in 1° and 2° you have access to a range 61° to 65°. This range of head angles provides the opportunity to choose the ideal setup for any racer on any track. Horses for Courses.

Adjustable BB Height

The BB height on the Gambler 700 series is adjustable by 10mm to accommodate for rider preference as well as wheel size. If you want to set up your rig to carry speed through a corner with a low BB or to smash on the pedals to get back up to speed on a higher BB, you have the flexibility to choose.

Integrated Fork Bumpers

The integrated fork bumpers on the Gambler 700 not only protect the cables from getting pinched by the fork in a crash but also protect the frame from the fork in that very same crash. Gone are the days of dimpled top tubes and pinched cables. Lighter, simpler and no room for error- these are the principles behind the new Gambler 700 fork bumpers.