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Not many athletes have competed more often at the Ironman World Championships than Luke McKenzie. He will be on the start line on Saturday for a remarkable 11th time. His best year was in 2013 when he finished a close second. Will he shine again this year?

In the last couple of years he came in early to Big Island, but this year he just arrived one week prior to the race.

"Six days to go now so there is not really much we can do fitness wise now, it is more about keeping the engine running. So, I had a little run in the energy lab that morning, I did 1 hour and 15 minutes with a few one-mile efforts in there. It felt good to put in a bit of race pace intensity after a few days of travel and a few rest days. Then I had a swim at the pool, a 3km swim set and again with a few race pace efforts to get the heart rate up," said the Australian.

After an injury interrupted season last year. Luke is delighted to be back at most important triathlon in the world.

"I missed last year, it was hard to sit on the sideline and watch all the action. I felt like I was missing out. I was racing here since 2006 and that was the first year I was on the sidelines and watching it. Also I had a great time, watching it and seeing the event unfold. I am glad that I will be at the start line this year. My 11th Kona start. I love it. It is such an exciting race for me and I am back for more."


  • Frame set: Plasma Premium (medium)
  • Wheels: Enve 5.6
  • Group set: SRAM eTap, 55 chainring
  • Cockpit: SCOTT / 51 Speedshop
  • Tires: Pirelli Zero Velo
  • Pedals: Speedplay Zero Aero

Video/Photography: Korupt Vision