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1779 grams built with perfection bred to win

Countless world cup wins, one champion ride.

The SCOTT Spark is not only one of the most successful full suspension bikes on the World Cup circuit, it’s also our most popular bike for non-racers. The light and stiff race proven frame design has always appealed to a broad spectrum of riders, from elite Cross-Country and marathon racers to casual enthusiast trail riders. Thanks to numerous tech features, the Spark`s versatility has been in a class of its own for many years.

"The Spark is packed with race dedicated tech features, I couldn't ask for a more race-optimized package."

Nino Schurter
Olympic Champion, 6x World Champion & 6x World Cup Champion

The Racing Concept - or RC - is at the center of our brand heritage. SCOTT RC products have equipped the winners of World Cup Overalls, World Championships and Olympic medals. The Spark frame platform contains a dedicated RC collection which comprises of the lightest and most race-driven mountain bikes SCOTT has ever built.

Thanks to the Boost standard, all our 1x-optimized RC frames are even stiffer than ever before. The new RC family consists of five high-end, race-dedicated full-suspension models, all with 29” wheel size geometry. RC models come with 100 mm of travel.

Racing concept

The new extended RC family

Spark RC 900 SL
Product detail
Spark RC 900 World Cup
Product detail
Spark RC 900 Pro
Product detail

Spark RC 900 Team
Product detail
Spark RC 900 Comp
Product detail

Our approach with the new Spark was fairly simple – the frame built to suit the best of the best also had to suit everybody. The technologies utilized in the new Spark platform will push the bike’s boundaries again and make this latest iteration the greatest yet. Yet despite the Spark’s visual simplicity, the bike is loaded with technical features and details. The frame includes a host of minute, exquisitely detailed technical solutions which in total make it one of the best overall cross-country full suspension packages.

Frame features


(incl. shock and hardware) Spark RC 900 SL. 110g lighter than the old platform.


1.3° slacker HT angle
13 mm shorter CS lenght
Steeper ST angle


17 mm longer reach
17 mm lower stack
10 mm lower front
Lower Standover


Offers a system with best bump sensitivity and bottom-out resistance as well as good mid-stroke support.


New Carbon fibers

The benchmark weight of 1779 gr was not only achieved by utilizing the lightest and most exclusive carbon fibers but also thanks to our sophisticated carbon lay-up process.


Thanks to our proprietary EvoLap-Technology, we are able simulate different forces on a virtual frame model and adjust frame construction accordingly. This allows us to build frames

Specific 1x Designs

The race-dedicated frames of the Spark RC Series are designed for 1x-only drivetrains in order to deliver the most rigid and lightweight bikes to racers. The Spark Series can accommodate both 1x and 2x drivetrains to meet the needs of recreational riders.

Boost Technology

The Boost Technology results in increased wheel stiffness and improved tire clearance. On the Spark project, we wanted to go beyond the basics and reap all the benefits of this innovation by optimizing frame design and geometry.

Optimized Kinematic

Thanks to a single pivot rocker link layout with a Trunnion shock mount, the new Spark offers sensitive characteristics at the beginning of the travel, the perfect support from sag point onwards plus an optimized end progression.

Dedicated geometry

We’ve brought the Spark up to date with our own interpretation of modern race bike geometry. By splitting the Spark family into three distinct models we were able to tailor specific geometry for a wide range of riders and applications.

Syncros Components

All Syncros Components
Silverton SL Wheelset

Silverton SL

Syncros' new carbon one piece wheel system delivers maximum efficiency for XC racers at a weight of just 1250g.

More About Silverton SL
Fraser IC SL

Fraser iC SL

The new cross country integrated handlebar comes in at just 220g with a position that mimics the standard bar and stem. The Fraser iC SL Special Edition was specially created for Nino Schurter's unique position featuring a minus 25 degree and 90mm stem.

More About Fraser IC SL
Syncros Handlebar
Syncros Stem
Syncros Seatpost
Syncros Saddle

Spark options

Spark RC

  • HMX-SL / HMX / HMF / Alloy SL frames
  • 1x only drivetrain configuration
  • 100 mm race-ready geometry
  • FOX 32 SC float factory
  • FOX Nude
  • 5 models available
SCOTT Spark RC 900 SL Bike
SCOTT Spark RC 900 SL Bike

Spark 900

  • HMX / HMF / Alloy-SL frames
  • 1x / 2x drivetrains
  • 120 mm race-ready geometry
  • FOX 34 float factory
  • FOX Nude Evol
  • 9 models available
SCOTT Spark 900 Premium Bike
SCOTT Spark 900 Premium Bike

Photography: Michal Cerveny, Jochen Haar, Grant Gunderson, Fred Leiser