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Finding flow

Trails seam sometimes to be far away and inaccessible, either because of a lack of time or steep, long, uninspiring climbs. But when you finally reach this kind of trail, we all know the payoff. We believe the fun shouldn’t be just for the downhill but should be part of the whole ride. The Spark eRIDE and its engine assist, changes the game, now the climbs are as playful and inspired as the downs.

Design and integration

To take advantage of everything that comes from a perfect integration of the parts, we’ve reconsidered the design of the engine housing with the Shimano components in mind. The goal was to reduce the impact of these parts on the design of the bike. As a result the engine and frame are well integrated, not only from a design perspective but also offering a better distribution of mass... As a consequence, this represents an important benefit for general handling.


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    The leverage ratio of the new Spark eRIDE is as progressive as the Spark and this means that the suspension is: Sensitive at the beginning of travel and supportive from the point of sag onward.

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    The shock body now extends between the two lower mounting bolts which results in more stroke for the same eye to eye length. The Trunnion standard also offers structural gains. The shorter shock enables a very compact frame and shock package, which integrates tightly into the seat tube.

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    Routing the cables internally avoids bulky external hardware and looks cleaner. Due to the improved protection, the cables have a longer lifetime.

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    From the fixation of the battery to the engine cover, every detail has been thought out to provide the best housing on the frame that avoids any movement of the battery that could create rattles.


Maximum range
100km Eco
75km trail
50km boost
Maximum speed
25 km/h
Battery capacity
130mm front
120mm rear

Wheels compatibility

The Spark eRIDE can switch from 27.5” to 29” wheels with nothing more than the flip of a chip in the linkage. No need to change the fork, no need to worry about tire clearance, all you need to do is flip a linkage chip, change your wheels and off you go. The flip chip allows us to maintain a similar BB height when switching from one wheel size to the other which is key in keeping handling similar for both wheel sizes. With 27.5” wheels, you can run either 2.5”, 2.6” or 2.8” tires. For the 29er, anywhere from 2.4”-2.6” is good to go.


The TwinLoc Suspension system offers the most efficient bike handling in any riding situation. This is even more valuable with the extra weight of an E-Bike. Even with electric assist, this affects the efficiency of your pedal stroke and the power you put in which moves you forward, especially on long, steep uphill’s. TwinLoc allows you to not only change compression damping, but also to change the spring curve, dynamically altering the geometry of the bike.


Compared to the old Spark the head tube angle is almost 1.5 degrees slacker for more secure riding on the steeps. The chainstay length that was 488mm on the previous bike has been drastically decreased and now measures 448mm, the value is almost aligned with the Spark (438mm).

Removing the battery

Removing the battery is very simple. We implemented some visual indications to help you quickly and easily remove the battery. The green zone means that you are in the right position to plug-in or plug-out.


Shimano Steps E-8000

With the steps E-8000 series, Shimano delivers next level component integration, connectivity and performance. An off road evolution of the steps E-6000 series, the E-8000 represents a completely new system developed for a new experience in e-mtb.


The new color display comes in a compact size and is therefore nicely integrated on the handlebar. While the display features full connectivity with Shimano Di2 components it also allows for individual settings for the information shown.

Logo Bluetooth


The switch has been redesigned speci cally for mountain bikes. Thanks to the ergonomic design improvements, the switch is now better integrated and o ers a similar feel as that of a gear shifter.

New design

To meet MTB specific needs, the E-8000 series was designed with all day performance in mind. The capacity of the Ion-Lithium battery has been increased to 500WH and can now be recharged up to 80% in only 2.5 hours. The new design features a lower pro le specically for mountain bikes which improves both impact and vibration resistance. The battery pack o ers 36V of nominal voltage.

Drive unit

The E-8000 series drive unit has been redesigned to allow for improved integration into current mountain bike frames. The compact design of the drive unit allows for shorter chain stays and more tire clearance. These features, together with the light weight of the engine pack (below 3.2kg) and a standard Q-factor (175mm), improve handling and ride feel substantially. Along with a new drive unit Shimano has developed a new sti and lightweight BB axle with Hollowtech-II technology designed to accommodate E-MTB specic crank-sets. The drive unit achieves a maximum power output of 70Nm and 250W.

SCOTT Spark eRide 910 Bike
SCOTT Spark eRide 910 Bike
SCOTT Spark eRide 920 Bike
SCOTT Spark eRide 920 Bike
SCOTT Spark eRide 930 Bike
SCOTT Spark eRide 930 Bike
SCOTT Contessa Spark eRide 710 Bike
SCOTT Contessa Spark eRide 710 Bike