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Addict and Foil reviewed by TOUR Magazine

17 February 2014

TOUR Magazine recently reviewed the SCOTT Foil Team Issue and SCOTT Addict SL. Here is what the editors wrote:


"Foil Team Issue: Aero-pioneer that performs well in many disciplines while not dominating in a specific one.

Presented in 2011, the Foil was the first bike that tried to combine light weight and good aerodynamics in one frame. The test frame weighs just over a kilo (2.2lbs), which also has to do with its lush paint job. Nevertheless, the bike is still the right choice for performance oriented riders. In the wind tunnel, the Foil is among the better frames (210.8 watts - 55 seconds behind the Cervélo S5). This is remarkable, considering that it is more of an all-rounder than anaero specialist. Stiffness values are very high, comfort at the aerodynamic seatpost is okay. As sold, the Foil Team Issue is a complete bike equipped with a top components group and a solid aero wheelset.

Addict SL: Very light, very comfortable and stiff enough for most uses. Good aerodynamic results.

The by far the lightest frame in the test is the uninterrupted continuation of a long tradition of lightweight building at Scott. The Swiss brand’s engineers added aerodynamic considerations to the profile of the new Addict. In a cross section, the tubes have the shape of a cut-off tear drop (Kamm tail profile), which certainly has advantages in the wind tunnel. Among the conventional frames, the Addict is the second fastest, behind the R5. The frame’s stiffness values are okay, only heavy riders and sprinters would want a bit more. Overall, a well-balanced bicycle with an athletic seating position, a bike with which most types of riders should be happy."


Check out the entire test article on www.tour-int.com