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Addict reviewed

02 May 2014

The 2014 Addict series was reviewed by the most important Road Bike Magazines in the business. Check out what the editors wrote.

BikeRadar, Addict SL: "A featherweight bike that doesn't compromise on ride and handling. The Addict is back. The model that propelled Scott into the realm of elite superbike manufacturers has been re-engineered from the ground up, with all-new technology but the same aim: to make the best ultra-light production bike.

The Addict SL is made for attacking steep climbs. More than that, it's a bike made for attacking other riders on steep climbs. That isn't merely because it's light; the frame has torsional and lateral stiffness close to the levels of the Scott Foil, so up there with the best.

The most impressive thing about the new Addict SL is that it's reached this very low weight without compromising ride or handling."

Source: BikeRadar.com

RoadBIKE, Addict SL: 

"With the new Addict, a legend returns. The SL gets away with the top score thanks to the best frame set in the testing field.  The handling is direct and vivid without getting nervous. Parts are high class, especially the Syncros wheelset. No doubt, the Addict simply has all you would wish for out of a top, modern road bike"

Source: RoadBIKE 01/2014

RIDE UK, Addict SL: 

“When I got my Addict, the plan was to stop writing bike tests. I’d found something that was all I wanted and more. It has served me well for many days but the temptation to ride new, light bikes is hard to resist. I’m glad I skipped over the Foil tests because there’s no need for that sort of stiffness for the riding that I do. Nor is there any need for something as light as this but when the chance comes, why not jump on and taste the difference? The evolution continues. The SCOTT of 2008 was good, the on for 2014 better. What’s next?”

Source: RIDE UK

Cycling Weekly, Addict SL: 

This bike isn’t just absurdly light for a factory standard set, it is just absurdly light in general. The full package weighs less than 5.88kg." "By no means has SCOTT lost its obsession for light weight- the all new Addict frameset weighing just under one kilo being testament to that fact. 

Source: Cycling Week 11/2013

Velo Magazine, FR, Addict SL: "Those who like a clean look will appreciate the new SCOTT Addict SL with its outstanding black matt design outlined with red details.When out of the saddle, the bike doesn't move, providing you perfect energy transfer.Fast downhill and gymkhana fans will enjoy the bike- its maneuverability is excellent.

This bike performs at the highest level- no matter the terrain. In short, it is a very well thought out and nicely made bicycle.A real pleasure- evokes a sensation that the bike does all of the work.Though the bike is quite stiff, it is still incredibly comfortable."

Source: Velo Magazine 

TOUR, GER, Addict SL: 

"Very light, very comfortable and stiff enough for most uses. Good aerodynamic results.By far the lightest frame in the test, the Addict is the uninterrupted continuation of a long tradition of lightweight design and manufacturing at SCOTT. The Swiss brand’s engineers added aerodynamic considerations to the profile of the new Addict. In a cross section, the tubes have the shape of a cut-off tear drop. Overall, it’s a very well-balanced bike with an athletic seating position." 

Source: TOUR

Roadbike Action Magazine USA, Addict Team Issue: "We were thrilled with our time on the Addict Team Edition. As an out-of-the-box race bike, the Addict Team Edition is hard to beat. The Addict Team Edition has a knack for making you feel like a climber even if you’re not, and if you pride yourself on your climbing ability already, then that’s where it really gets fun. (...)

Its compliance was enough to keep us from feeling completely abused on our longer four and five-hour rides and falls into the average range of the current high-end race bikes we’ve had through the doors over the past year. (...)

Punch lines:
- Impressively light right out of the box
- Aerodynamic gains don’t have to compromise weight and ride quality

Source: Roadbike Action Magazine

Feed the Habit, Addict Team Issue: "It’s hard to find much not to like about the all-new Scott Addict, so I’m just going to come out and gush a bit. This bike is packed with meticulously-engineered bits and pieces. It’s obvious that Scott’s engineers did sweat every detail because the Addict is one fantastic bike. I love how fast it feels both uphill and down and just how well it behaves under all conditions. The best part about this bike is just how laterally-stiff it is while remaining compliant for a very smooth ride."

Source: Feed the Habit

Cycling Plus, UK, Addict 10: "The ride is firm yet forgiving too, with a suppleness that’ll look after you through long events over rough roads. It also gives the Addict a great road holding, with the tyres better able to follow contours than some ultra-ridged bikes that are prone to skip across them. Its nimble nature makes light work of twisty country lanes, and there is always an extra kick when needed’.'If you’re looking to go racing, and appricaite a bike with a light touch, the Addict will repay your dexterity with engaging handling and speed on tap"

Source: Cycling Plus

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