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Genius 900 reviewed by DIRTRAG

10 October 2013

DIRT RAG Magazine recently reviewed the 2014 Genius 900 Premium. Here is what the editors wrote: "(...) I spent several months aboard a 2013 Scott Genius 920 that we reviewed alongside it's 27.5 sibling. I had trouble getting the suspension to play nice so I was eager to see how it compared to the previous DT Swiss version. All I need to say is the difference is night and day.

Even in the Descend mode, the bike pedals extremely well—a significant improvement over the previous version. A flick of the Twin-Loc lever, with a much-improved action, engages the more progressive shock setting and drops the travel from 130mm to 90mm. Though I've really been enjoying 27.5 wheels lately, the Genius 29er felt much more capable on the fast and chunky trails at Deer Valley.

The Genius 900 series strikes me as a stay-on-the-ground type of bike, prioritizing efficiency and capability over gettin' rad. Maybe it was the larger wheels, the longer wheelbase, or just my familiarity with the geometry, but I would not hesitate to recommend it as a single-bike, do-it-all option. (...)"