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Genius LT reviewed by MountainBIKE

20 November 2012

MountainBIKE reviewed the SCOTT Genius LT 30. Here is what the editors wrote: “With the release of the Genius LT, SCOTT Sports redefined the Enduro market and started a new era for long travel bikes. Weighing in at just over 14 kilos with the added benefit of 180MM of travel in both the front and the rear, it remains the lightest in its class. The rear end reacts smoothly and sensitively, offering a lot of comfort. (…)

With the TwinLoc, riders can adjust their settings from the handlebar in order to reduce travel. As a result the rear triangle works more progressively in traction mode. The TwinLoc also performs superbly while pedaling in flat as well as uphill trail sections. In lockout mode, travel is reduced in both the front and rear- increasing pedaling efficiency for non-downhill sections. The genius LT, with its combination of lightweight and efficient acceleration, comfortable and agile properties, is perfect for winding trails.  It’s compact geometry and light weight allows the Genius LT to fly through tight turns.(…)

A bike that does it all! The Genius LT combines lightweight, efficient acceleration, lots of comfort and high agility for winding trails."