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SCOTT Lin MIPS reviewed by Bikeradar

21 January 2013
BikeRadar reviewed the SCOTT Lin helmet. Here is what the editors wrote: "You may find the shape of this helmet familiar. That’s because it is; the Lin is a version of Scott’s popular Groove II helmet, and while the price has bumped up a bit the outer hasn’t changed bar a tiny sticker. Nevertheless, it’s a very different lid.
The MIPS part here is an ultra-low friction, lightweight liner that allows the helmet to independently rotate under impact. This tiny twist massively reduces the dangerous rotational forces being transferred to the soft grey matter inside your head. As rotation forces can and do occur from glancing hits, they can be more damaging than a straight drop on the head.
The MIPS liner works in the same way as the fluid between the brain and skull, reducing torque. The outer helmet works like other lids and deforms to absorb impacts.
The Lin is a fantastic helmet made even better by the inclusion of this unobtrusive liner. We’d still like the peak to have some adjustment and the retention dial needs to match the positive clicks of the competition, but otherwise this is great."