SCOTT Genius 700 Premium Bike

Bike Genius 700 Premium Bike Genius 700 Premium Bike Genius 700 Premium
The SCOTT Genius 700 Premium's HMX Carbon Fiber frame is one of the lightest full suspension frames on the market. The Premium comes fully equipped with a custom FOX Nude shock, a Kashima coated FOX 32 Float fork and our Patented TwinLoc technology, in combination with Traction Control, allowing for three travel/geometry settings to always optimize your ride. This is THE ultimate Trail bike.
Model : 238249
Nude Shock by FOX

Nude Shock by FOX

Our new FOX Nude is the result of our successful partnership with FOX. The Nudeproject is a combination of both, SCOTT's unique patents and technology as wellas FOX’s suspension performance and experience. The goal was to create a rearshock that gains maximum performance in every riding situation while remaininglightweight. The FOX Nude works exclusively with our patented TwinLoc systemand comes stock on both 27.5" and 29" versions.
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27.5 Wheels

27.5 Wheels

When discussing the pros and cons of the big wheeled bikes, shorter riders find themselves in an ambivalent situation. They want to benefit from the 29” wheels, but suffer from the negative effects when fit is considered. Additionally, the increase in rotational weight challenges many lower watt producing riders, so the performance gains are negated when the rider cannot accelerate the wheel system as quickly. The solution for many riders is 27,5”. The new wheelsize standard combines the best of both worlds, 29” and 26”.
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Adjustable BB Height

Adjustable BB Height

The Spark, Genius and Genius LT employ an adjuThe Spark, Genius and Genius LT employ an adjustable geometry by way of a shock mount chip in the linkage. By changing the shock mount chip--simply removing it and flipping it in either mounting position--you affect the bottom bracket height by 7mm, which also affects the head tube angle by 0.5 degrees.
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Direct Post Mount

Direct Post Mount

We've saved even more weight by eliminating bulky brake hardware for mounting the rear caliper and integrated a direct post mount to the chain stay. This mounting position also decreases the load the brakes apply to the swingarm parts.
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Tapered Headtube

Tapered Headtube

The Scale, Spark, Genius and Genius LT feature a tapered head tube for increased stiffness, safety, confidence, and control...
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IDS SL Dropout System

IDS SL Dropout System

Interchangeable and lightweight, the IDS-SL dropout system works with 142x12mm, 135x12mm and 135x5mm QR rear axle standards. Shred the turns more aggressively and with enhanced control, thanks to a laterally stiff rear end.
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TwinLoc Lever System

TwinLoc Lever System

Our patented Twin Loc technology now offers simultaneous control of rear shock travel and fork lockout. The open position allows full travel, front and rear. One click switches the rear shock to Traction mode, while the fork remains fully active. Click again and rear shock and fork lock at the same time. No other bike in the world offers this user friendly system. Found on the Spark & Genius and Genius LT models. Only available for Nude2 shocks on 2013 or previous year models.
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HMX Carbon Fiber

HMX Carbon Fiber

While we already use the proven HMF composite fiber on all our composite high-end bike models, we have improved upon conventional HMF material. This new fiber, which is produced exclusively for SCOTT, offers 20% more stiffness and is employed on all the areas that need additional rigidity. This new material also allows us to reduce weight and improve riding characteristics. NET stands for Naked External Tubeset, where the frame sheds its exterior cosmetic layer, which saves even more weight.
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IMP Carbon Mainframe

IMP Carbon Mainframe

Our engineers have developed IMP™, the newest technology applied to carbon production. Our proprietary process allows for lighter construction by removing 11% of the material from the headtube intersection while increasing strength by utilizing high modulus stressed fibers for more precise fiber placement in critical areas. To compliment the IMP™ process, our frames benefit from our Naked External Tubeset™, which eliminates the cosmetic carbon layer to shave precious grams. Both HMX and HMF fibers are used in our carbon frames ensuring the utmost durability, security, and longevity for the frame.
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Genius Carbon / IMP / HMX /
BB92 / Carbon swingarm with 180PM
U-Mono Link / Tapered Headtube
IDS SL DM dropouts for 142 × 12mm
BB height adj.

Front 150mm
Rear 150 - 100 - Climb / Shock 200 × 57

FOX 32 Float Factory CTD FIT Air / Kashima
CTD remote damper with 3 modes
15mm QR axle / tapered steerer
reb. Adj.

Rear Shock
FOX Nude / SCOTT custom w. travel / geo adj
CTCD 3 modes: Climb - Traction Control -
Descend / Kashima / reb. Adj.

Remote System
SCOTT TwinLoc Remote Technology
3 modes front and rear / integ. clamp

Ritchey Pro Tapered 1.5" - 1 1/8"
semi integ OD 50/61mm / ID 44/55mm

Rear Derailleur
Shimano XTR RD-M9000 SGS / DM
Shadow Plus Type / 22 Speed

Front Derailleur
Shimano XTR FD-M9025-E / DM

Shimano XTR SL-M9000-I
Rapidfire Plus / 2 way release
Ispec 2 clamp

Brake Levers
Shimano XTR AM M9020 Disc

Shimano XTR M9020 Disc
180/F and 180/Rmm SM-RT99 CL Icetech Rotor

Shimano XTR FC-M9020-2
Hollowtech 2 / QF 168
36Ax26A T

Shimano SM-BB94-41A / shell 41x89.5mm

Syncros FL1.0 Carbon T-Bar
T shape flat / 9° / 720mm
Syncros Pro lock-on grips

Handlebar Stem
Syncros TR1.0 Carbon
7050 Carbon wrapped / oversize 31.8mm
1 1/8" / +6° angle

Rock Shox Reverb Stealth 125
inside hydraulic remote system / 31.6mm

Syncros XM1.0 / Carbon rails

Hub (Front)
Syncros TR1.5 CL / 15mm
made by DT Swiss

Hub (Rear)
Syncros TR1.5 CL / 142 × 12mm / RWS axle
36T Rachet System / made by DT Swiss

Shimano CN-M900-11

Shimano XTR CS-M9000
11-40 T

DT Swiss Aero Comp

Syncros TR1.5
28H / Tubeless ready

Front: Nobby Nic EVO / 2.25
Rear: Rocket Ron EVO / 2.25
PaceStar compound / Tubeless Easy

Approx. Weight KG

Approx. Weight LBS

LOW BB Setting HIGH BB Setting LOW BB Setting HIGH BB Setting LOW BB Setting HIGH BB Setting LOW BB Setting HIGH BB Setting
A head tube angle 67.9 ° 68.4 ° 67.9 ° 68.4 ° 67.9 ° 68.4 ° 67.9 ° 68.4 °
B head tube length 100.0 mm 3.9 in 100.0 mm 3.9 in 110.0 mm 4.3 in 110.0 mm 4.3 in 120.0 mm 4.7 in 120.0 mm 4.7 in 135.0 mm 5.3 in 135.0 mm 5.3 in
C top tube horizontal 569.9 mm 22.4 in 568.6 mm 22.4 in 599.9 mm 23.6 in 598.6 mm 23.6 in 624.9 mm 24.6 in 623.6 mm 24.6 in 649.9 mm 25.6 in 648.6 mm 25.5 in
D standover height 773.1 mm 30.4 in 775.9 mm 30.5 in 774.6 mm 30.5 in 777.6 mm 30.6 in 807.0 mm 31.8 in 810.4 mm 31.9 in 809.0 mm 31.9 in 812.4 mm 32.0 in
E BB offset -11.6 mm -0.5 in -6.1 mm -0.2 in -11.6 mm -0.5 in -6.1 mm -0.2 in -11.6 mm -0.5 in -6.1 mm -0.2 in -11.6 mm -0.5 in -6.1 mm -0.2 in
F BB height 344.9 mm 13.6 in 350.4 mm 13.8 in 344.9 mm 13.6 in 350.4 mm 13.8 in 344.9 mm 13.6 in 350.4 mm 13.8 in 344.9 mm 13.6 in 350.4 mm 13.8 in
G wheel base 1,122.7 mm 44.2 in 1,121.8 mm 44.2 in 1,153.8 mm 45.4 in 1,152.9 mm 45.4 in 1,179.9 mm 46.5 in 1,179.0 mm 46.4 in 1,206.6 mm 47.5 in 1,205.7 mm 47.5 in
H BB center to toptube center
I BB center to top of seattube 415.0 mm 16.3 in 415.0 mm 16.3 in 440.0 mm 17.3 in 440.0 mm 17.3 in 475.0 mm 18.7 in 475.0 mm 18.7 in 510.0 mm 20.1 in 510.0 mm 20.1 in
J seat angle 74.0 ° 74.5 ° 74.0 ° 74.5 ° 74.0 ° 74.5 ° 74.0 ° 74.5 °
K chainstay 439.0 mm 17.3 in 439.0 mm 17.3 in 439.0 mm 17.3 in 439.0 mm 17.3 in 439.0 mm 17.3 in 439.0 mm 17.3 in 439.0 mm 17.3 in 439.0 mm 17.3 in
L reach 401.4 mm 15.8 in 406.1 mm 16.0 in 428.7 mm 16.9 in 433.4 mm 17.1 in 451.1 mm 17.8 in 455.7 mm 17.9 in 472.1 mm 18.6 in 476.7 mm 18.8 in
M stack 588.8 mm 23.2 in 585.5 mm 23.1 in 598.1 mm 23.5 in 594.7 mm 23.4 in 607.3 mm 23.9 in 603.9 mm 23.8 in 621.2 mm 24.5 in 617.7 mm 24.3 in
N stem length 60.0 mm 2.4 in 60.0 mm 2.4 in 70.0 mm 2.8 in 70.0 mm 2.8 in 80.0 mm 3.1 in 80.0 mm 3.1 in 90.0 mm 3.5 in 90.0 mm 3.5 in

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