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Endless Gap- Light Trails

20 December 2013

There are so many action sports videos on the internet nowadays that it’s hard to mix things up. Pretty much everything has already been done by someone else. This concept has left us wanting to create something innovative for quite a while now. We just didn’t have the “big idea” until we talked to Phillippe. After a day of testing with the aerial drone in 2012 the actual plan was to produce a “normal” Enduro or Trailbiking video with WOOProductions this year. It all turned out a little differently, though. The filming for the Enduro video never happened, but we ended up getting this idea for a completely different project. Phillippe, the founder of WOOProductions, came up with the idea of using LED lights for a video- a lot of them. At a meeting he explained his concept or at least he tried to, as it was quite a complex idea.

It was hard for us to imagine the outcome but we almost had to give it a try due to how intrigued he was with the idea. The goal was never to document a day in the life kind of thing or produce a video with logical content. We would definitely not go for a normal ride at night with hundreds of little lights spread all over our bikes and bodies while still not seeing anything. We just wanted to create something different that looked cool for your and our entertainment- simple as that.

After buying 60 meters of LED chains, soldering them together for over 50 man hours and burning our fingers senseless thousands of times, we were ready to light up the night. And yet, we didn’t know if the idea was going to work or look good. The first evening of filming was a sort of stress release for everybody, so to speak. Finally seeing the impact of these little lights on surrounding surfaces made every minute of preparing the LED chains worth it- the work definitely paid off.

The effect of the LED lights did not just fulfill our expectations but it also blew our minds. From then on a lot of ideas started buzzing in our heads and the creative process got going. We wanted to give every idea a try without putting too much thought towards the usage in the final video. Therefore we filmed in several spots that would be considered unusual for MTB.

The final edit pretty much displays the vision of the mastermind behind this project, Phillippe Woodtli (WOOProductions). He sparked this whole idea, went for broke and finished it off with a bang.