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Sebastian Kienle

Year of birth: 1984
Height: 180cm
Weight: 73kg
Hometown: Karlsruhe and Knittlingen, Germany
Sebastian is the man to beat in long distance Triathlon: he won two consecutive 70.3 World Champion titles in 2012 and 2013. In 2013 he finished 3rd at the World Championships in Hawaii only to come back stronger one year later, winning the legendary crown of Kona!

2015 Highlights:

2nd Place IM European Championships Frankfurt
2nd Place IM 70. World Championships Zell am See

Athletes talk

What is your Triathlon background? When and why did you start?
I do not really have a triathlon background. As a German boy you have to play soccer and in our region fist-ball as well. But I wasn’t very compatible with team sports at that age.

What was your reason for picking Triathlon?
I think Triathlon picked me and I'm very happy about that. It is not a very spectacular sport- you cannot see the hard work that goes into it. I love to watch all sorts of other sports where you can actually see the skills such as mountain bike disciplines, all sorts of motorsports, Football and Golf. But Triathlon is the thing for me. I love the training, I live a very determined life and I love to push myself to the limit in races. Plus, I really like the atmosphere amongst the best athletes in the world for example in Kona.

What’s your favorite part about riding for SCOTT?
I love to work with the people from SCOTT and the products. I'm a gear-nerd like a lot of triathletes especially with the bike and it’s a good feeling to know you have the fastest rig waiting for you in the transition area.

What are your future goals? What keeps you going during the off season, if you ever have an off season?
I usually take a four week break. After that my body really needs training. I just feel better when I'm fit.

What are your favorite Triathlons - where are we going to find you training most often?
X-terra Maui, IM Frankfurt, Challenge Roth, Kona, Heidelbergman. I like to train at home in southern Germany and in Palamos, Spain.

What inspires you to keep going each season?
I love to train and to improve. Even small progress motivates me. It’s not always about racing. 

What music do you listen to when training or before a race?
Pennywise, NOFX, Offspring, Eminem, etc. more hard stuff but after the race I love Pearl Jam, Black Keys etc.

Do you have a favorite pre-race food?

Do you have any funny habits that you have to do before you race?
Not really but I try to keep a routine- it is important to feel safe.

When your season is over what is the food you have to have?
The season doesn’t necessarily determine what food I eat.