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Sebastian Kienle visits Alistair Brownlee

08 gennaio 2018

At SCOTT we have the luxury of having two of the world’s best triathletes on our bikes. Sebastian Kienle is arguably the most consistent male long distance triathlete of the last decade. In the last 6 years he’s finished outside of the top 4 at the Ironman World Championships just once, stood on every step on the podium in Kona and conquered three European Ironman titles. Alistair Brownlee is the only double Olympic Champion in the history of the sport and a former ITU World Champion. After a hip injury in 2017, Alistair seems to be back to his best and it will be interesting to see these two legends of the sport race against each other in 2018.

Getting excited for the battle? Then check out this video of Sebastian Kienle visiting Alistair Brownlee in Yorkshire.