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Bike apparel collection

Tuned Concept Collection

Those who like to ride fast in rough, steep terrain will have themselves covered with our products specifically designed to fulfill the needs of though trail rides.

Trail Women Collection

Aimed to make you have the most fun when hitting the trails, our women’s bikes, clothing and equipment will highlight your feminine style while stepping up your riding.

Trail Men Collection

You don’t need to be signed up for a race to head out for a rip on your cross country bike. With this collection, you’ve got everything you need to pack light, choose your destination and go.

Racing Concept

High quality, carbon expertise and innovative technologies are the pillars of this collection that is made to follow you in all of your competitions.

Gravel Men

With our endurance collection, you’ll be able to throw a leg over your bike, start pedaling, and leave your conventional road wisdom at home.

Gravel Women

Simple but efficient our popular women’s Endurance line offers the highest comfort while riding to keep you happy all day long, from the first pedal stroke to the afternoon coffee.

Road collection women

Our products have been developed to fit the female anatomy with high-end materials and technologies, and with no compromise on comfort and performance.

Road collection men

Designed for passionate road cyclists looking for speed, aerodynamics and light weight, our high-end road products are here to help you reach your best.


Whether you’re off to work or off to happy-hour, our urban inspired gear will make sure that you get to your final destination ready for action.

Junior collection

Smart design tailored to help them grow and progress, and cool looks will send our kids on the right path to stardom!