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Stories about the final preparation for the world’s most famous triathlon

About moments of Kona

Participating, completing or even winning IM Hawaii is a lifelong dream for most long distance triathletes. Moments of Kona is about SCOTT Triathletes preparing for the pinnacle of their sport, the World Championships on the Big Island. In 2015 we followed them during their ultimate preparation on the island where they forced their bodies and minds through hard sessions in order to get used to the unforgiving conditions of this unique race.

This year we wanted to find out how Kona dictates their day-to-day training throughout the season so we followed them during their preparation either at home or at an abroad training base.

Stay tuned for a unique insight into the training and lives of Sebastian Kienle, Luke McKenzie, Cyril Viennot, Annabel Luxford and Jan van Berkel during the two weeks leading up to the race.