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Race The Face

The ultimate Backcountry Giant Slalom

Two of the best skiers on the planet – Jérémie Heitz & Daron Rahlves – face off in an unprecedented giant slalom on a high alpine backcountry face. Race the Face tells the story of a 4’000-meter adventure, two years in the making, where standing at the starting gates is already an accomplishment. Who will be the fastest? Daron, the racer, America’s world champion? Or Jérémie, the Swiss rising star, regarded by many as the fastest freerider in the world? Or perhaps Mother Nature will decide otherwise? One thing is certain: The world has never seen a race like this one.

One Dream – The Impossible Race

The idea came to Jérémie Heitz while filming for La Liste. The face of the Hohberghorn seemed so perfect, he could imagine a giant slalom starting from its 4’129-meter summit. Who better to challenge him than his childhood hero Daron Rahlves, the coolest racer of his generation?

Two Athletes – Different Visions

Jérémie Heitz is known as the fastest freerider out there. With a background in racing, and extensive knowledge of high altitude mountaineering, his films have forced skiers to rethink the impossible. Daron Rahlves is a legendary alpine skier and Olympian. His skills and style inspired Jérémie’s generation to push their skiing further. Each brought their own vision and expertise to the starting gates.

Three Challenges: Preparation – Patience – Skill

With a large crew for safety, production and logistics, there was no room for error. Safely setting the course and installing the gates was the first challenge. The Hohberghorn, near Zermatt, is a nearly vertical face that can only be skied if the conditions are perfect. Between preparation days and waiting periods, Mother Nature was in charge and made the rules. When the stars aligned and the perfect race day arrived, tension was high as Jérémie and Daron prepared to drop in, ready to take on fresh snow, high speeds and a face full of glacial ice right below their skis.

About Jérémie Heitz

After finishing 2nd on the Freeride World Tour in 2015, Jérémie Heitz released La Liste in 2016, a 2-year project on the history of steep skiing. In the film, Jérémie tackles some of the most impressive 4000-meter peaks of the Alps with astonishing speed and fluidity. The release of La Liste was a huge success, putting him in the spotlight as one of the best freeride skiers in the world. This year, Jérémie is setting competition aside to focus exclusively on film projects & expeditions scheduled in the most remote and fascinating areas of the world.

About Daron Rahlves

A former American World Cup alpine skier and freestyle skier, Daron Rahlves retired from racing in 2006. Throughout his career, he collected 12 World Cup victories and 3 World Championship medals. In 2003, he won the downhill race in Kitzbühel on the prestigious Streif, and became the first American champion there in 44 years. The following year in 2004, he placed first in Super G as the first American champion ever. Later on, he was taken onto the US Olympic Team as a freestyle skier for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where he competed in ski cross. When he retired in 2006, he was ranked 4th in the overall World Cup standings.

About the film

Race the Face is the story of an adventure of two skiing legends, who came from totally different disciplines and who will today compete together in a never-seen-before backcountry giant slalom on 4000 m above sea level. On Red Bull TV starting 7th December (www.redbull.tv/racetheface).

  • High-resolution photos and the teaser clip for free editorial use is available on the Red Bull Content Pool.
  • Photography: MIKA MERIKANTO