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What does it take to become a pro freeride? And how is it to travel, work and share the same dream as your brother? Watching DYBS - Does Your Brother Ski, you will be able to follow the life and dream of SCOTT freeskier Olle and Carl Regnér when they go on adventures around the world to reach their dream of becoming top ranked professional freeskiers.

DYBS ep.1 Prologue

Watching DYBS you will get to know the dynamic brothers Regnér from Sweden. What does it take to become a pro freeskier? Follow their fight in life to make it to pro level and against each other as brothers with a similar dream.

In episode 1 you follow them where they try to retitle themselves as Scandinavian champions in freeride skiing, tag along to the after party and experience some behind the scenes from interviews, photo sessions and start-up skiing before the season kicks off.

What does the season hold for these two?

DYBS Ep.2 - Go big in Japan

In episode 2 of DYBS we travel with the brothers from a relaxed and icy pre season in Åre to race mode and 200 cm of fresh pow in Japan. How do they handle this? Tag along!


Spring season is here, so are the World Tour results

In DYBS EP 3.1 spring has hit Engelberg, Switzerland and competition season is almost over. Carl is really happy while Olle had a tough week battling the outcome of the competitions. This episode gives you the best of spring shredding, cruising around the ski resort finding small jumps and beers to play with. Spring season has officially started!


What to do when plans change?

You never know what Spring might give you, so what to do when things don´t go as planned? Check out how the brothers handle changed plans.