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Amplify your Vision

This lens technology utilizes a unique light transmission curve to optimize contrast and clarity.

What’s the benefit of using amplifier lenses?

The human eye needs certain colours in order to perceive more contrast. SCOTT’s Amplifier Lens Technology increases or decreases the colors the human eye needs in order to see contrast. The lens also filters out colours your eye needs less of which equally amplifies contrast.

The science

The unique aspect of Amplifier Technology is the shape of the visible light transmission curve. The technology optimizes the transmission of three specific wave lengths – Blue light, Orange light, Red light… These ranges of light are the most important for the human eye to enhance contrast and clarity.

Lens Construction

Amplifier Technology is fully integrated into SCOTT’s very own PC lens. Part of a total of 9 layers, the Amplifier goggle lens is unique and will let you charge down any terrain covered in snow.

In any lighting condition

Amplifier Technology is available on all SCOTT lenses from cat. 1 to cat. 4 as well as Light Sensitive.

The History

20 years ago, an engineer named Bob Youmans, invented the impressive and industry leading Amplifier Lens Technology. As one of the industry leaders in high performance optics, Scott Precision Optics was launched with the introduction of revolutionary Amplifier patent in 1999. This technology revolutionized skiing in flat light conditions and is today fully integrated into every SCOTT Goggle lens.