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Loretta Lynn's 2013

12 August 2013

SCOTT Sports would like to congratulate all of our participating athletes and champions in the 2013 Red Bull AMA Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Championship.  SCOTT athletes brought home 10 National titles, 17 podium finishes and 35 top five finishes.  SCOTT goggles were put to the test in the variable weather conditions, and as always, the SCOTT Race Support pits were loaded with racers looking for clear vision.  It was our pleasure to help all SCOTT riders fight for a national championship!


Photo Insider MX

SCOTT athlete Aaron Plessinger had the standout performance of the week, taking the checkered flag in all six motos he lined up for and brought home two undisputed championships in 250B and 450B Limited.

Tim Ferry

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SCOTT athlete Tim Ferry was back at the ranch for the first ttime since retiring from pro racing.  Red Dog still has it and he proved it with a Junior 25+ Championship and a 2nd place finish in the Vet 35+ class.

Luke Renzland

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SCOTT athlete Luke Renzland was on fire in the mud.  He bested the stacked field in the 450A class to secure the title and took 3rd overall in the 250A class.


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SCOTT athlete Robbie Reynard used his famous riding style to master the track conditions and come away with the Vet 35+ championship.


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SCOTT athlete Garrett Marchbanks came into Loretta Lynn's with a lot of momentum and used it dominate the 85 (9-11) class and secure the title.  Garrett was also able to get a 2nd place finish in the 85 (9-11) Limited class.

Jazz Canfield

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SCOTT athlete Jazzmyn Canfield became champion of the Girls (9-11) class for the third year in a row with a dominating performance on the track.

Aiden Tijero

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Aiden Tijero was another SCOTT athlete that came into Loretta Lynn's with a successful year under his belt.  Aiden rallied to a 65 (10-11) Limited Championship and salvaged a 4th in the 65 (7-11) class.

Josh Cartwright

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SCOTT athlete Josh Cartwright used consistency to grab his first title at the ranch in the College B/C (16-24) class.  Josh was also able to keep it in the top five in the Two Stroke B/C (16+) class with a 4th overall.

Adam Nickerson

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SCOTT athlete Adam Nickerson rose to the challenge in the 250C Limited class and claimed the title.


Other notable SCOTT athlete results

Jace Owen - 2nd place 450A

Hayden Mellross - 4th place 450A

Colt Nichols - 5th place 450A

Darian Sanayei - 2nd place Schoolboy 2 (13-16) / 4th place Schoolboy 1 (12-16)

Michael Mosiman - 2nd place Super Mini 1 (12-15)

Enzo Lopes - 2nd place Mini Sr. (12-14) Limited / 5th place Mini Sr. (12-14)

Kaitlyn Morrow - 2nd place Women (14+)

Gracie Van Horn - 2nd place Girls (12-16)

Jordan Jarvis - 2nd place Girls (9-11)

Jarek Balkovic - 3rd place Schoolboy 2 (13-16) / 5th place Schoolboy 1 (12-16)

Zane Johnson - 2nd place 250C Limited / 3rd place 250C

Maximus Vohland - 2nd place 65 (7-9) Limited

Parker Mashburn - 5th place 65 (9-11) Limited

Brayden Bruce - 5th place 65 (10-11) Limited

Trey Green - 5th place 450C