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SCOTT Athletes at the Toronto Supercross

25 March 2013

The Supercross series headed to Canada last weekend.  The Rogers Center was host to the 12th round of the series and offered a larger-than-usual layout for the track builders to work with.  As a result, the racing action was exciting and as action packed as it gets.

250SX East Coast Class

Levi Kilbarger

Levi Kilbarger was the top SCOTT 250SX athlete, earning a solid 14th overall finish in the main event.

Zach Freeburg

Next up was SCOTT athlete Zach Freeburg, who finished just behind Levi in 15th.

Justin Hill

Pro Circuit and SCOTT athlete Justin Hill had a rough night.  hill crashed hard in the 250SX main event and was unable to finish the race.  SCOTT Motosports would like to wish Hill a speedy recovery and hopes to see him back on the line soon!

Andrew Short

450SX Class

SCOTT goggle athlete Andrew Short was the top 450SX Class finisher, scoring a hard-earned 9th in the main event.

Phil Nicoletti

Next up was Phillip Nicoletti, who continues to improve week after week.  Nicoletti finished the 450SX main event in 12th place.

Justin Sipes

Another rider who continues to do well was SCOTT athlete Justin Sipes, who finished the main event in 17th.

The next round of SX heads to Houston, TX on April 6th.