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Ça coule de source: Around the World with SCOTT Onroad

13 April 2018

Ça coule de source: Around the World with SCOTT Onroad

Yvan and Jan from Switzerland are on an around the world trip by motorbike with our SCOTT Onroad gear. They are traveling through each continent with the Dualraid DP and the Concept Modular System. Read about their experiences with our gear in the following interview.


How are you and how is your trip going?

In general we are doing really well. We are enjoying our trip. It’s awesome!

Where are you right now?

Currently we are in Paracas which is situated 200 km south of Lima Peru.

Which countries have you visit since you started your trip beginning of September 2017?

We visited Canada, USA, Mexico, Belize (even if it was just for one night), Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.



How many kilometers have you been riding until now?

We just passed the 30’000 km.

If you have to define a highlight during your trip, what is it?

Probably our highlight until now was driving off-road for 250 km in the Huascaran National Park, Peru. Also the west coast in the United States was beautiful with all the Nationals Parks like Monument Vally, Zion and Death Valley.

Are you traveling everyday with our SCOTT Concept and Dualraid gear?

Yes - every day. Riding with a full Onroad gear set is the most important thing if you want to be as safe as possible.



Jan: What is your opinion about the SCOTT Concept Gear?

I am satisfied with the gear. I like the way it is made with all the finished details. Having ventilation during warm riding conditions and closing those vents while it’s colder is really nice and important. I also like that there are a lots of pockets but the look is still refined. The textile is really resistant which is great for our kind of adventure. The only thing that could be improved is to add more vents at the pants as well.

Yvan: What is your opinion about the SCOTT Dualraid gear?

I am really happy and satisfied with the Dualraid gear. We are riding our bikes every day and everywhere. We are facing all kind of weather conditions and the gear is really adjustable for it. It has been 7 month now that we are on the road everything is ok and well functional at the gear. We are going on dirt roads, ride in rain, face lots of winds (any kind of weather you can imagine) and the Dualraid is still alive! The only thing that could be improved is the adjustment system for the hips maybe to replace it with a belt.

What are the strengths of the gear for you?

The modularity and resistance. Like we said: We have not had any problems since 7 months on the road.


Have you had any other SCOTT Onroad products before your trip?

No – it is our first time to use SCOTT Onroad gear. In the past we were usually riding during warm summer days where you do not need such a diverse product.

Have you had any other SCOTT products in general?

No these are our first Scott products.

What is your impression about the SCOTT brand?

Scott is a well-established and long standing brand. They know what they talking about and in our case they really know which gear and specific clothes we need for our adventure. Our impression is that they still growing which is a good sign.



Where is your trip leading you next?

On the 25th of May we will leave from Buenos Aires to South Africa where we will stay for five months. Our plan is not only to stay in South Africa but also visit countries like Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. We are really excited to discover new terrain as it is our first on this continent.

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