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Céline Lafaye winning the Kanna Mountain Race in Japan

12 November 2012
The Kanna Mountain Race took place this weekend in Japan and two French athletes accepted an invitation to take part. The 40km event was situated in the Kanna Mountains, on predominantly single track terrain winding its way through the rocky peaks of the Nishi-Joshu mountain area. The runners had to be even more vigilant than normal with this area being the home to brown bears and they were given small bell to ring enthusiastically if they encountered one on the trail! 
SCOTT athlete Céline Lafaye won the women’s race in a fantastic time of 4hours 40minutes which also meant that she achieved a 5th place overall. Fabien Antolinos, part of the Terre de Running-Ronhill, won the men’s race in a time of 3hours 33minutes.
We congratulate all participants for their outstanding performance particularly Céline Lafaye who had a great season this year. 

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