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11 October 2011
Source from www.scott-sports.com Tough weather conditions (snow at 700m) forced the race director Martin Kaindl to change the route for the Kaiser-Marathon on Saturday. First, the 42 kilometre climb were reduced to 3 loops up/downhill of 14 km and then finally shortened to only 2 loops. After the 3 races (10, 28.5, 21km) the winner are the young hungarian runner Adam Kovacs, 9th at the World Championships in mountain running, and the 3-time winner of the SwissAlpine Marathon Jasmin Nunige from Switzerland. Their performances were just phenonemal, by winning all 3 races. Alexis Traub finished 4th overall in 3h44min (he was 2nd at the 10km in 31.38mn) and Pascal Giguet 8th in 3h59. As the french runners prefer running on more technical trails and on forest tracks, maybe both set new personal records on the 10k race on friday as well as on the half-marathon on Sunday, where both runners were able to maintain their good position. David Girardet from Switzerland finished 11th overall and surprised his fellows with a strong perfomance on Saturday. The final run in Söll was marked by a mixture of emotions: Thomas Bohne from Germany and Damien Piquemal, the teammate of Pascal and Alexis, did not run the half-marathon. They took the decision to quit the race after the Kaiser-Marathon on Saturday due to the extreme wet and cold conditions. But after a warm, spicy and freshly made pizza in the evening good humour and conviviality were immediately back. Click here to see more photos of Team SCOTT in action at the Tour de Tirol. RESULTS/6. TOUR DE TIROL (10/28.5/21km - TOTAL): 1. Adamm Kovacs (HUN) 31:27/1:55/1:08 - 3:35 2. Gerd Frick (ITA) 31:41/1:56/1:09 - 3:37 3. Patrick Wieser (SUI) 32:25/1:57/1:10 - 3:40 4. Alexis Traub (FRA) 31:38/2:02/1:10 - 3:44 5. Albuin Schwarz (AUT) 32:35/2:03/1:12 - 3:48 ... 8. Pascal Giguet (FRA) 34:01/2:09/1:16 - 3:59 ... 11. David Girardet (SUI) 32:59/2:11/1:18 - 4:03