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Big Results for SCOTT at the Jungfrau Marathon

10 September 2012
About 6300 runners finished this weekend’s 20th Jungfrau marathon while being cheered on by more than 50,000 fans around the course.

The runners had to race at an incredible altitude of 1829m, making this Europe’s toughest mountain marathon. Team SCOTT was represented by five athletes including Gerd Frick (rank 7/ 3:08.17,2) and Marco Sturm (rank 10/ 3:10.52,00) who successfully placed in the top ten ranking. SCOTT’s biggest medal contender Marco De Gasperi had to drop out during the race due to a knee injury. The gold medal was awarded to the Austrian Markus Hohenwarter, who secured thus the world title of the Mountain Running Long Distance 2012. In the national ranking SCOTT athlete Stephan Wenk won the gold medal for Switzerland together with his teammates Patrick Wieser, Marc Lauenstein, Christian Mathys and Ralf Birchmeier.

We congratulate all the finishers and wish Marco a good recovery from injury.

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