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Running Athletes' Insights: How to recover after a race

28 August 2014

All of us have our own routine for relaxing or awarding ourselves  after a hard training or a race. Check out all the different ways our athletes turn it down.

My trainer said after tough trainings I should run some shakeups. It is uncomfortable with tired legs, but it helps to recover faster. After a hard training or a race I usually go to the spa and relax. Massage and sauna also helps, Adam Kovacs.

Photo by Miika Silfverberg on flickr.com

After a hard training I go back to work, as I often train at the lunch time. Otherwise, I like to go and meet friends, take a good book and do manual work, Celine Lafaye.

For me it’s most important to get enough sleep. The more you train, the more and better you can sleep. If I don’t sleep the TV is always an opportunity, Fabian Alraun.

On hard training days I like to sleep for one hour after lunch. Otherwise I relax with reading, writing, easy sauna, and whirlpool or drinking some beer in the evening, Gerd Frick

Photo by John O’Nolan on flickr.com

I enjoy reading mixing in contemporary books with classics, usually fiction, but I don’t find time nearly as often as I’d like to. Travelling is another big passion of mine, so racing all over the world suites me perfectly, allowing me to discover new places and people. Race day shows one aspect of a country, and then the rest of the time is a chance to discover more. Having a beer with locals is usually a great way to get more immersed in the culture, Ian Sharman.

After training, I like to read. If it is a book of philosophy, but I also better topics like sports physiology relatives. I also like to watch a good movie on the couch in my house with my girlfriend María, Pablo Villa.

Drinking and resting a lot, light massage almost every day, and once a week thermal bath with sauna. These are small secrets for a big performance. Unfortunately, at the moment I have not so much time for entertainment – cinema or television, only for cooking, Simona Staicu.

Sauna or a hot bath, passionate sex, upload my training data on Strava or listen to “a state of trance”, Stephan Wenk.

Photo by Dennis Wong on flickr.com

I wish I had time to devote to relaxing recovery after each training session, however I work full-time as a Licensed Real Estate Broker and I have to diligently schedule my time just to squeeze in training.  Occasionally I get to spend time at my local recovery lounge in the hot/cold baths, infrared sauna, or recovery pump boots, Ryan Bak.

I try to find relaxed movement to recover; by avoiding sit time and keeping the blood flowing.  Interacting and playing with my kids takes a certain level of fitness and it certainly keeps the blood flowing, Kevin Everett.

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