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"Any Trail, Any Time"

Now all members of Genius Family are available with Plus Sized Wheels. From Long travel, all-mountain Enduro rigs, to do it all trail bikes for both men and women, we've got a Genius for you.

Adding plus sized wheels to what is already one of the most capable families on the market ups the level of traction, comfort and most importantly fun hogging. Rocks, roots and boosts beware, these bikes are ready to rumble.


PLUS & BOOST: Two technologies that will push the evolution of Mountain Biking in 2016.

Mountain Biking never stands still. Standards are not written in stone as long as we are constantly improving what we love most: Mountain Biking. Wheel and tire sizes have always been and always will be a hot topic- we have seen this more than ever in the past three years. With the new Plus size, there is a new dimension emerging. Tire width has been underrated for too long. We are confident that the 27.5'' Plus addition to the existing wheel size geometry standards will make its way into the mountain biker’s vision. The long established 29” and the younger 27.5” geometries are well positioned in the MTB market. While 29ers are best for fast rides, keeping momentum and rollover, 27.5” wheels are well known for their nimble, agile handling top acceleration. With 4.8” wide tires, adventurers explore new grounds riding Fat bikes. 27.5“ Plus offers an entirely new riding experience and will extend the scope of traction and control to the majority of mountain bikes without making any significant compromises.

Thanks to the new Boost standard, Mountain Biking will not only see bikes with stiffer wheels (and therefore better handling), but also with the grip enhanced, thicker 2.8-3.0” tires and respective geometries.

The 27.5“ Plus experience opens up an entirely new horizon: traction and rollover has never been better. Our 27.5“ Plus bikes enable more fun and aggressive handling for skilled riders but also more forgiveness for rookies due to an unmatched level of control. Nasty trail sections and obstacles are easier to tame. Searching for maximum flow? Go for Plus and find an entirely new riding experience. Additionally, the new plus-size compatible models can still be ridden with conventional tires. The compatibility of 27.5“ Plus with 29”/2.3” tires is just another huge benefit. We believe that riding at any level can become easier and more intense. We have no doubt that 27.5“ Plus is here to stay- the benefits are immense.



Riding Plus bikes on wider rims and with 2.8” tires with less air pressure (1-1.2 bar) results in a couple of benefits: outstanding traction, superior rollover, faster lines and no more slipups. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The overall outside diameter of 27.5“ Plus fits within the same diameter as a standard 29”x2.3” wheel- compatibility in a new, yet un-known dimension. With eleven different models to choose from in the SCOTT Plus segment, we offer a broad range of fun bikes for riders who want to experience maximum grip and control on fun but demanding trails.

Wider Rims Improve the Overall Riding Experience
A wider rim increases the air volume of the tire. The result is a more comfortable ride. The Syncros 40mm width rim (TR 27.5” Plus) puts more of the tread in contact with the ground resulting in greater traction. Wider rims also enable more presice steering when riding tires at lower air pressure compared to tires with higher air pressure. Also, the tire does not “break” away in critical riding situations.

Increased Stability with Less Air Pressure
Combining a wider tire with a narrow rim requires higher air pressure. On the other hand, increasing the width of the rim results in better stability. Wider rims add a significant amount of lateral support to the tire and reduce the walking effect. Wider, bigger tires come into play and enable riding with lower air pressure. From trail to all-mountain and enduro riders, the Syncros 27.5'' Plus wheel set offers a unique ride quality including the fun factor.


The Full Suspension Rear Triangle: wider, stiffer and more clearance

The ultimate challenge in designing a proper 27.5“ Plus full suspension frame is not compromising the wheelbase length and maintaining the agility that a trail bike needs to have. Short chainstays are key for nimble handling and best maneuverability. CST Genius 700 Plus measure 445mm (CST Genius LT 700 Plus is 448mm), they are even shorter than the ones of the CST Genius 900.

Also, clearance has to be adjusted to fit in the new wider Boost 148 standard for rear hubs and the wider and increased diameter of 27.5“ Plus tires. Our new Genius rear triangle not only offers increased clearance but also higher stiffness. We also made sure our proprietary IDS-SL dropout system is ready for the 148x12mm Boost standard.

SHORT 445 cst

The Genius 700 Plus features super short chain stays for best handling.

2200g / 12.3kg

Frame incl. Hardware overall weight Genius 700 tuned plus.

67.5° HT angle

The Genius Plus Series offers slacker geometry for more controlled riding.


Boost is a hub and drivetrain standard developed by SRAM and has recently become common in the bike industry. Boost incorporates an enlarged rear and front hub and makes for stiffer wheels due to a slacker spoke angle. Boost 148 widens the hub flanges by 6mm. The front hub is increased by 10mm to 110mm. Boost is designed to be a complete system so it does not affect drivetrain performance. Even though Boost pushes the chainline out three millimeters, the Q-Factor remains the same as the Boost system’s crankset utilizes front chainrings that sit a corresponding 3mm outward to ensure the required chainline. Boost cranks can only be used when paired with a 148mm hub.

Without the enlarged dimensions of Boost, 27.5“ Plus geometries with its higher demand of clearance wouldn‘t be possible. We believe the new Boost standard will significantly improve riding on all kinds of Mountain bikes in the future.

Boost provides:

  1. Increased wheel stiffness
  2. Better bike handling precision
  3. Wider range of chainring options
  4. More clearance for bigger tires

Genius Plus Bridge Top view

The overall weight of the Genius 700 Tuned Plus is only 12.3kg, the Genius LT 700 Plus weighs in at only 12.7kg. When it comes to realizing a capable Plus rig, the rear triangle is one of the key features on which to focus. The entire rear triangle has been newly developed, providing increased stiffness and the clearance a Plus format needs. The CST Genius 700 Plus measure 445mm (CST Genisu LT 700 Plus is 448mm), and are even shorter than the ones of the CST Genius 900.

Genius Plus Front Hub Details

The super-short rear triangles are Boost-ready and provide clearance up to 3.0”. Rear (148mm) and front hubs (110mm) enable wider bracing angles, increased wheel stiffness and better overall handling of the bikes. Both Genius 700 Tuned Plus and Genius LT 700 Plus feature a SRAM X01 optimized 1x11 Boost Drive Train. Even though Boost pushes the chainline out three millimeters, the Q-Factor remains the same.

Genius Plus TT2 Details

The Genius 700 Plus has 140mm of front and 130mm of rear travel, the Genius LT 700 Plus has 160/160mm of travel. Both bikes feature the latest evolution of FOX’s suspension highlights as well as Plus tuned suspension. Together with SCOTT’s patented TwinLoc system incl. true lockout and the SCOTT geo- metry adjustment chip, riders couldn`t ask for more adjustability or versatility. Our Plus geometries come with slacker head angles of 67.5° (Genius Plus) and 65.8° (LT Plus) and provide for super stable handling in rough trail and downhill sections and for more aggressive cornering.

Genius Plus Bridge and Dropouts Details

The full-suspension frames consist of super light and stiff HMX carbon main frames and Plus optimized alloy swingarms. The bridge of the Seat stay is built wider and stiffer than ever before. It is specifically formed and put further down to guarantee even more clearance. Our proprietary IDS-SL dropout system (Interchangeable Dropout System-Super Light) is ready for the 148x12mm Boost standard. The Genius 700 Plus frame is also compatible with 29” wheels.

LEFT: Seat stay bridge Genius 700 Plus: Increased Clearance and Stiffer / RIGHT: IDS-SL Dropouts Genius 700 Plus: Ready for Boost 148

  • More
    TwinLoc Suspension Control

    Lockout, Traction Control, and Descend

  • More
    110mm Boost Front Hub

    Increased Front End Stiffness

  • More
    2.8-Inch Tires

    For better Traction and Accurate handling

  • More
    Wide Rims

    for Tire Stability and Optimized Rollover

  • More
    HMX Carbon

    Ultra-light and Super Stiff

  • More
    Plus Size Rear Triangle

    More Clearance and Versatility

  • More
    Short Chainstay

    For Better Agility and Superb Handling

  • More
    148mm Boost Rear Hub

    Stiffer Wheels for more Control

  • More
    Plus Adjusted Suspension

    Superior Traction and Control

  • More
    Front Derailleur Compatible

    Use 1 or 2 Chainrings

  • More
    Standard Q-Factor

    Uncompromised Pedaling



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