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It All Starts With Vision

VISION (noun)

- the act, faculty, or manner of perceiving with the eye, sight
- the ability or an instance of great perception, esp of future developments

Enter the Factories

Discover our heritage

SCOTT's 45 year Heritage of Innovation

We want our commitment to INNOVATION to result in more than just good products, we want it to change the way athletes perform. There is no doubt that VISION is a key paramount to performance, that's why for over 45 years, we have continued to drive our eyewear category forward. As a result, our HERITAGE is more than a history, it's a compass that guides our business, design, products and culture for the future. 

World Wide Expertise

In order to guarantee the best quality and customer service, our SCOTT goggles' process draws from world wide expertise and manufactures.

Design, conception, engineering, overall production management
OptiView injected lenses engineering & production
TrueView lenses engineering & production
Straps weaving & decoration
Frame industrial engineering, production management & final assembling for Europe, Africa and Asia
USA frame industrial engineering & production management & final assembling for USA, America and Asia


Designing and engineering the future

We strive to DESIGN with faith in our instincts, confidence in our techniques and a desire to create breakthrough products that enhance the sport experience. The importance we place on TECHNOLOGY is more than just using the latest materials, it's about understanding what's possible and applying it to the future.

Lenses Production

SCOTT Precision Optics is a quality label which stands for premium materials and innovative manufacturing techniques. This unique combination enables us to offer distortion free, UV protected, high performance lenses of the best quality. It delivers outstanding quality of vision, as well as vital safety.

Frame Production

In order to guarantee the definitive quality and comfort of our goggles, our frame production is based in two goggles factories, one in Austria and one in the USA. They are the key manufactures that both manage the frame production and the final assembly.

Strap Production

Last but not least, the strap. Besides being important aesthetically, it requires the same durability as the lens and frame while providing stability around your head.

Assembling and Final Quality Controls

All components, lenses, straps and frames are gathered in our goggle factories in the USA and Austria, where the final assembling takes place. The manual operation involved results in a final overall quality control. The extra check ensures that you can fully trust your #SCOTTgoggles.