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879 grams lightweight comfort

From the carbon fiber to the manufacturing process to the final frame, the Scale has been completely redesigned. The result: a new benchmark for race hardtail frames. The Scale RC 900 SL weighs in at only 879 grams. The incredible lightweight frame characteristics and two dedicated frame platforms for 1x and 2x drivetrains lift the standard of hardtail mountain bikes to a new level.

World cup dominator

“The Scale not only is incredibly light, it also provides standing comfort in the rear triangle which is super important when riding technical descents. It saves me energy in both uphills and downhills."

Nino Schurter
Olympic Champion, 5x World Champion & 5x World Cup Champion

Racing concept

The RC Family

Scale RC 900 SL
Scale RC 900 World Cup
Scale RC 900 Pro

Frame features


For the HMX-SL size M with all hardware

47% more comfortable

On avarage compared to previous Scale

Refined Geometry

For superior handling

No Loss of Stiffness

Compared to previous Scale

HMX-SL logo

Our range of Scale carbon bikes uses a variety of high-end carbon fibers. Out of that variety the HMX-SL carbon fiber is the state of the art. This fiber allows for a frame composition that delivers incredible stiffness while achieving an unprecedentedly light weight. This is the first time that we have used this fiber to manufacture mountain bikes – a crucial step that has allowed us to provide you with a new lightweight benchmark.

The carbon experts at SCOTT have delivered yet again.

EvoLap technology

With our Evo-Lap technology we model the frame to optimize the surface area, simulate tube structures with different ply orientations, observe the results of using different configurations, and test the stress distribution in different areas of the frame.

Scale frames : weight comparisons


The SDS2 technology achieves comfort in carbon frames without adding parts or sacrificing stiffness characteristics.The result on the new Scale frame is specific, controlled flex in areas that increase rider comfort and guarantee optimal absorption of vibrations not only on the saddle but also when the rider is standing up on the pedals.

Brake mount

A specific brake mount adapter anchors directly with the chain stay and the thru-axle. Thanks to this solution the carbon structure is cleaner and lighter, the flexion of the rear triangle on the brake side is not inhibited, and as consequence, the frame comfort is increased.


Syncros SL Line

SL concept

We worked together with Syncros to develop the SL components line that follows the same philosophy of our new bikes:

  • Reduce The weight
  • Add more comfort
  • Increase the structural rigidity

Better integration with the frame

SL Line Products

Scale options

Scale RC

  • HMX-SL / HMX frames
  • 1x only drive train configuration
  • 100mm race-ready geometry
  • 3 models available
SCOTT Scale RC 900 SL
SCOTT Scale RC 900 SL

Scale 900

  • HMF / MF / Alloy SL frames
  • 1x/2x drivetrain configuration
  • 12 models available
SCOTT Scale 910 Bike
SCOTT Scale 910 Bike

Scale 700

  • Alloy SL frames
  • 2.8" tires
  • Geometry with slacker head angle
  • 3 models available
SCOTT Scale 710 Bike
SCOTT Scale 710 Bike

Photography: Michal Cerveny, Armin Küstenbrück, Gaudenz Danuser, Fred Leiser