SCOTT Contessa Solace 15 Bike

Bike Contessa Solace 15 (CD22) Bike Contessa Solace 15 (CD22)
The SCOTT Contessa Solace 15 was designed with women specific geometry to provide you with a perfect balance of comfort and performance on the roads. Its HMF Carbon Fiber frame features two zones, a Power Zone and a Comfort Zone, in order to result in a stiff and responsive bike that will also keep you comfortable all day long- regardless of frame size.
Model : 238412
Comfort Geometry

Comfort Geometry

The geometry of the Solace takes into account the more upright position of the Endurance rider. This position is easier on the back and neck and helps the rider endure the long days in the saddle.
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Asymmetrical Design

Asymmetrical Design

Round tube competition bikes are starting to be abandoned in favor of a fuselage that is more suitable for any situation in which a rider is racing against the clock. The wind is always against you, trying to slow you down. Triathletes and Time Trial Specialists today need an advantage against this element in order to win the major Ironman races and other Time Trials worldwide.

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Oversized Bottom Bracket Solace

Oversized Bottom Bracket Solace

The PF BB 86 bottom bracket is wide and compliments the shape of the down tube and seat tube to maximize power transfer.
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Bi Zone Construction

Bi Zone Construction

The Power Zone takes SCOTT's Carbon expertise in engineering highly stiff frame structures and applies it to the specific zone necessary for power transfer. The power zone is comprised of the tapered head tube, oversized down tube, bottom bracket shell, and asymmetrical chain stays. The Comfort Zone is comprised of function specific engineering for each frame component, finding the sweet spot in the frame and fork. The seat stays are engineered to work in concert with the seat tube. By connecting them to the sides of the top tube instead of the seat tube, the system allows greater deflection of both the stays and seat tube when bumps are ridden over.
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SDS Shock Damping System

SDS Shock Damping System

SDS minimizes high frequency vibration from the road, enabling a damping effect without losing performance. SCOTT has engineered a balance of vertical compliance (a measure of how smoothly a bike rides) and lateral stiffness (associated with responsiveness during sprinting, acceleration, and climbing) in both the rear triangle and the fork. By maximizing vertical compliance, SDS cancels road vibrations, increasing rider confidence, stability and comfort. Found on CR1 and Scale.
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Solace HMF / IMP Carbon technology / Road Comfort geometry /INT BB

Solace HMF
1 1/8" Carbon steerer
Alloy Dropout

Ritchey PRO Int. Cartridge

Rear Derailleur
Shimano Ultegra RD-6800-GS
22 Speed

Front Derailleur
Shimano Ultegra FD-6800

Shimano Ultegra ST-6800 Carbon
Dual control 22 Speed

Brake Levers

Shimano Ultegra BR-6800 / BR-5710 rear
Super SLR Dual pivot / direct mount rear

Shimano Ultegra FC-6800 GREY
Hollowtech II 50 × 34 T


Syncros RR2.0 Woman
31.8mm Lady Anatomic

Handlebar Stem
Syncros FL2.0 Woman
1 1/8" - 31.8mm

Syncros FL1.0 Zero Carbon
27.2/300mm, w/o offset

Syncros Women Road Endurance

Hub (Front)
Syncros RP2.0

Hub (Rear)
Syncros RP2.0

Shimano Ultegra CN-6800

Shimano Ultegra CS-6800
11-32 T

Syncros RP2.0

Syncros RP2.0
18 Front / 24 Rear

Schwalbe Durano FOLD
700 × 25C

Approx. Weight KG

Approx. Weight LBS

XXS/46 XS/48 S/51 M/53 L/55
A head tube angle 70.5 ° 71.0 ° 72.0 ° 72.5 ° 73.0 °
B head tube length 125.0 mm 4.9 in 135.0 mm 5.3 in 155.0 mm 6.1 in 175.0 mm 6.9 in 195.0 mm 7.7 in
C top tube horizontal 495.0 mm 19.5 in 505.0 mm 19.9 in 520.0 mm 20.5 in 535.0 mm 21.1 in 550.0 mm 21.7 in
D standover height 725.1 mm 28.5 in 740.8 mm 29.2 in 767.4 mm 30.2 in 787.5 mm 31.0 in 807.8 mm 31.8 in
E BB offset -67.0 mm -2.6 in -67.0 mm -2.6 in -67.0 mm -2.6 in -67.0 mm -2.6 in -67.0 mm -2.6 in
F BB height 272.0 mm 10.7 in 272.0 mm 10.7 in 272.0 mm 10.7 in 272.0 mm 10.7 in 272.0 mm 10.7 in
G wheel base 967.7 mm 38.1 in 970.8 mm 38.2 in 971.6 mm 38.3 in 977.3 mm 38.5 in 981.8 mm 38.7 in
H BB center to toptube center 400.0 mm 15.7 in 420.0 mm 16.5 in 450.0 mm 17.7 in 470.0 mm 18.5 in 490.0 mm 19.3 in
I BB center to top of seattube 460.0 mm 18.1 in 480.0 mm 18.9 in 510.0 mm 20.1 in 530.0 mm 20.9 in 550.0 mm 21.7 in
J seat angle 75.0 ° 75.0 ° 74.5 ° 74.0 ° 73.5 °
K chainstay 405.0 mm 15.9 in 405.0 mm 15.9 in 405.0 mm 15.9 in 405.0 mm 15.9 in 405.0 mm 15.9 in
L reach 354.0 mm 13.9 in 361.0 mm 14.2 in 364.7 mm 14.4 in 368.4 mm 14.5 in 371.7 mm 14.6 in
M stack 526.1 mm 20.7 in 537.4 mm 21.2 in 560.0 mm 22.0 in 580.9 mm 22.9 in 601.8 mm 23.7 in
N stem length 60.0 mm 2.4 in 70.0 mm 2.8 in 90.0 mm 3.5 in 100.0 mm 3.9 in 110.0 mm 4.3 in

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