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Mountain Bike Ambassadors

Sonya Looney

Home (City / Country)  Kelowna, BC  Canada

Date of birth                    22/08/1983

Career Highlights           World Champion: 2015 (24 Hour)

4x US National Champion [24 hour racing; collegiate]


Stage Race Wins:

2x Breck Epic Stage Race Winner

2x Yak Attack Stage Race Winner

2x Brasil Ride Stage Race Winner

La Leyenda Del Dorado Colombia Stage Race Winner

Trans Andes Stage Race Winner

Singletrack6 Stage Race Winner

Rumble in the Jungle Stage Race Winner

Alpac Attack Patagonia Stage Race Winner

MTB Ayiti Stage Race Winner"

Athletes talk


Words to live by / Personal mantra      

Be Brave. Do Epic Shit. I am fueled by growth and feel the most alive when I am having new experiences and taking on new challenges. It can be on the bike, in my business (core values are positive mindset, healthy body, curiositiy, and enthusiasm), or even in my relationships. Our lives have the most substance when we take ourselves off auto-pilot and start trying things that we want to do.

What "No Shortcuts" means to you     

It takes commitment, perseverance, and hard work to achieve anything that's meaningful.  No Shortcuts means to get your hands dirty and go after what you want; to enjoy the process of what you are doing because the work that you do is what helps define you, not the end goal.

Three things you always pack  

A book, an external battery pack, licorice tea

How I relax       

I'll relax any day now! I love reading books, spending time with friends, and playing the guitar and singing.

Favorite place to ride (or run or ski depending of your sport) 

Squamish, BC!