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The T2 Kinabalu and Race Rocker Take Top Spots on Podium

11 June 2013

Summer race season has just begun, and SCOTT is topping podiums all over the globe.  From Tokyo to both sides of the United States, the T2 Kinabalu and Race Rocker took first place finishes with SCOTT's elite athletes Meghan Arbogast, Sage Canaday and Joseph Gray.  In addition to scoring rave reviews in TrailRunner Magazine for the T2 Kinabalu, the only question remaining is, what podium will these all-stars top next?

Tokyo Shibamata 100K

Meghan Arbogast in Tokyo

Photo courtesy Meghan Hicks irunfar.com

Meghan Arbogast, fast footed in her Race Rockers, tied for 1st place at the inaugural Tokyo Shibamata 100k course on Saturday, June 1.  Flanked by good friend Amy Sproston, Meghan took the 100k course by storm, crossing the finish line in 7 hours and 50 minutes.  In what Meghan considers one of the most mentally challenging and most difficult of all the long distance races she runs, Meghan raced her 3rd fastest time at the 100k distance.  Next up for Meghan, she'll head to northern California to compete in her 7th Western States 100 Miler.

Cayuga Trail 50 Miler

Sage Canaday

Photo courtesy Meghan Hicks irunfar.com

On Saturday, June 8th, Sage Canaday took to the trails of Ithaca, NY to participate in the Cayuga Trail 50 Miler.  After a grueling course that includes over 10,000 feet of climbing and descent, Sage crossed the finish line in 6 hours, 47 minutes, 48 seconds, securing the top spot on the podium.  More than 5 minutes ahead of the 2nd place finisher, Canaday and his favorite T2 Kinabalus took the lead early and never let up.  Earning the cash purse and another win in what has already been an in impressive season, Sage heads to New Hampshire June 15th to compete alongside fellow SCOTT athlete Joseph Gray in the Mount Washington Road Race.

Cougar Mountain Trails

Joe Gray

Photo courtesy Meghan Hicks irunfar.com

Across the country, just outside of Seattle, WA, Joseph Gray had another impressive day on the race course.  Participating in the second part of the Cougar Mountain Trails Series, Joseph turned in another course record.  Switching to the light and fast Race Rocker, Joseph set a grueling pace of 5:58/M, finishing the 8 mile race in a stunning 48:57:2.  Next up, Joseph takes his fast pace to the roads of Mount Washington in New Hampshire June 15th.

TrailRunner Magazine

TrailRunner Magazine

Featured in the June 2013 review for spring trail running shoes, the SCOTT T2 Kinabalu received a glowing review.  Competing against high-profile names such as Salomon, Altra, and Brooks, the T2 Kinabalu stood out for its ability to withstand high mileage and provide good protection with a lightweight package.

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