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Get your Head in the Game

Sebastian Kienle, the renowned Uberbiker from Germany has won the world's most important and toughest races in long distance triathlon. IM Continental Champion, 70.3 World Champion and IM World Champion. Kienle's success is not simply a result of his physical talent and mental strength, it's also a reflection of his smartness and relentless pursuit of optimizing his gear - like with the all-new Cadence Plus helmet. 

To compete at the pinnacle of their sport, our athletes need to be up to any challenge - both physically and psychologically. This what SCOTT`s highest profile athletes undertake to get their head in the game.


Whether it`s a training ride or the long-awaited race, the game starts with the first pedal stroke. The game is the winding roads and the treacherous trails, it is the interval sprints in the pouring rain and the gym sessions that leave your legs burning with lactic acid. It’s all the suffering that has led you to the start line. The game is omnipresent. It is a hazardous, dangerous and competitive journey that requires world class protective equipment. It requires products that are designed not only to protect you when the going gets tough, but also to drive you to go faster when you need to get going. Getting your head in the game and into a SCOTT helmet is paramount to your success.


Getting your head in the game is synonymous with focussing. It is getting your mind into an altered state of consciousness that channels your strongest self. After donning a SCOTT Helmet, you’ll feel empowered to perform at your best. The game is race intelligence- the game is what will get you to the top step. With a click of the buckle, a familiar modest confidence descends upon you, now is the time to act.

Helmet on, buckle clicked and fit system adjusted. Now it's just you and the ride ahead. We obsessed over every detail, every material and every technology to develop the Cadence PLUS and Centric PLUS. Brimming with innovation and shaped by years of focus on safety, these are the most advanced high-performance helmets we've ever created. Exceptional comes as a standard. SCOTT helmets, get your head in the game.



The pinnacle of racing helmets

Taking No Compromises Leads To Incredible Performance

It is not every day that you get to envision and develop helmets for the world's best athletes. When we did, one thing was certain, we weren't going to compromise. After close to four years of research and development, we are extremely proud to launch two class leading racing helmets, primed for the most demanding pro peloton riders, cross country racers and elite triathletes. This is the story of how one of these helmets, the Cadence PLUS, came to life.

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The Science Behind Performance

These two new helmets were both designed from a clean sheet of paper with an uncompromising focus on performance. Over the last four years we have spent countless hours in the wind tunnel to develop the fastest road and cross-country racing helmets we've ever created. In partnership with Richard Kelso from the University of Adelaide, a widely renowned expert in the field of aerospace engineering and fluid dynamics, we worked relentlessly on the shape of the helmets to achieve as little drag as possible – these helmets work with the air like no other.

air flow on the brand new SCOTT Centric Helmet

To achieve class leading ventilation for both of our new high-performance racing helmets, we spent countless hours testing, modifying and re-testing prototypes in the wind tunnel. We used heated head forms with 36 sensors and thermographic cameras to study how the air flows over and through the helmets. Coupling aerodynamic testing with ventilation testing enabled us to ensure the air flow inside and outside the helmet worked in unison, achieving class leading ventilation without compromising aerodynamic performance.

At SCOTT our mission is to protect your head. While our focus on the Centric PLUS and Cadence PLUS was to bring next level cooling and speed to bike helmets, we never lost focus on protection. The integrated MIPS® Brain Protection System brings the latest in safety technology while the SCOTT AIR Technology, a unique construction of the MIPS® system using micro perforations, adds breathability and enhanced cooling – the results are rather impressive.

MIPS® with SCOTT AIR technology outperforms the cooling performance of a standard MIPS® liner by up to 16%. Further testing showed that the integration of SCOTT AIR technology enabled both the Centric PLUS and the Cadence PLUS to achieve better cooling than wearing no helmet at all.

Our top of the line HALO Fit System provides ease of adjustability and unparalleled comfort. Easily find the perfect height of the rear ergonomic cradle while the helmet is on your head and dial in the perfect pressure using the beautifully engineered micro adjustment dial. The result is our best feeling helmet ever, a helmet which adapts to your head shape and leaves you feeling secure and focusing on the ride.



These are the stories of the relentless preparation required to be mentally and physically ready for the next game.