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Dane Tudor has been in the ski scene since the age of only 2 years old. He skis in a class of his own excelling in Big Mountain, freestyle and freeski. The “Powdahound” uses everything in his power to get his head in the game and take on winter.Dane shows us how mental preparation is just as important as the physical.

Video courtesy of : Teton Gravity - Dendrite Studios - Eric Gonzalez | Editing by : Dane Tudor


Born and raised in the Swiss Alps, Jérémie Heitz was made for the mountains. Notorious for skiing the steepest of faces faster than anyone else, Jérémie gets his head in the game like no other. This is evidently visible in his latest film, “La Liste.” Meticulous planning, relentless training and infinite passion for speed in the steeps is what puts Jérémie a cut above the rest.

Video courtesy of : Christophe Margot

Janina Kuzma

Janina Kuzma stepped onto a pair of skis over 25 years ago and hasn’t left the ski scene since. Not only is she a talented backcountry rider, featuring in Shades of Winter productions, but also a high profile freestyle skier, participating in the Olympic Games. 

Her head is in the game all year around, chasing snow storms around the globe.

Video Courtesy of: Jase Hancox/Colab Creative

Helmet on, buckle clicked and fit system adjusted. Now it's just you and the ride ahead. We obsessed over every detail, every material and every technology to develop the Symbol 2. Brimming with innovation and shaped by years of focus on safety, these are the most advanced high-performance helmets we've ever created. Exceptional comes as a standard. SCOTT helmets, get your head in the game.



The next level in skiing safety

The Symbol 2 Plus D doesn’t only have a totally new design, but also comes with 3 key safety technologies, making it the safest and most ventilated helmet we have ever made. This award winning helmet is the first ski helmet to integrate D3O™, an extremely performing shock absorption material as well as a MIPS™ layer. This helmet has established a new standard for low, mid, and high velocity impacts. With a totally new shape, the second generation boasts a much lower profile than its predecessor and our 360° Pure Sound ear pads, a SCOTT developed technology allow for better noise detection.

Tech Logo Symbol 2 Helmet


The new benchmark on the snowsports market

Shock absorption

D3O® is a highly shock absorbing material with molecules flowing freely in open cells, but on impact, the molecules lock together to spread impact energy and reduce transmitted impact force to the brain. We used D3O® in strategically selected areas to:

+ Reduce the risk of concussion in low speed impacts
+ Reduce the risk of brain injuries in mid-speed impacts
+ Allow multiple low and mid speed impacts while comfortably surpassing the highest safety standards

Rotational Violence

A revolutionary technology that lets the helmet slide relative to the head, adding more protection against rotational violence to the brain caused by angled impacts.

Better noise perception

Years of research have led to the introduction of this leap in helmet safety. A specifically-shaped inner piece in our ear pads, surrounded by sound transparent fabric, not only lets you hear better, but also localize sound more accurately.

Unparalleled Ventilation

+ Dual active venting system
+ Precise airflow regulation optimal in any weather condition
+ Newton testing lab certifies it outperforms competitors


Unparalleled Ventilation Outperforming Competitors

+ Dual active venting system
+ Precise airflow regulation optimal in any weather condition
+ Newton testing lab certifies it outperforms competitors

Our main goal in regards to ventilation with the Symbol 2 was to create a helmet that could regulate temperature better than any other helmet in any condition. After extensive wind tunnel testing, we demonstrated that the overall ventilation of SCOTT’s Symbol 2 helmet was clearly outperforming the main competitors on the market.

Whether its vents were open or closed we successfully obtained the widest temperature scale among all the other helmets we tested. In other words, SCOTT’s Symbol 2 helmet is the warmest with closed vents and the most ventilated when they are open.

Engineered for unity

Symbol 2 Plus D blue
Symbol 2 Plus D white
Symbol 2 Plus D red

In order to provide you with the ultimate, safety, style, comfort and innovation, SCOTT has engineered helmets and goggles with ideal levels of integration for all types of riders. Designed to fit perfectly together these clever products will save you effort when trying to match your helmet and goggle.

Symbol 2 Family

Symbol 2 Plus D Helmet
Symbol 2 Plus D Helmet
Symbol 2 Plus Helmet
Symbol 2 Plus Helmet
SCOTT Symbol 2 Helmet
SCOTT Symbol 2 Helmet

Press Kit

If you need the information for offline reading Download the pdf

Scott Progressive Impact Absorption Specifications Download the pdf