Michael Hepburn

Scott Athlete

Year of birth: 1991
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 76 Kg
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia 

Say hello to Michael. Michael has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in the U23 and U19 categories on the track and the road. He joins GreenEDGE for his neopro season with his focus squarely on the 2012 London Olympics.

The Queenslander splashed onto the cycling scene with his world record-breaking ride in the 3000 metre individual pursuit at the U19 2009 Australian Track Championships. He would go on to break the world record two additional times that same year at the 2009 Junior World Championships in Russia.

Michael describes himself as ‘tenancious and meticulous’ and credits his sheer determination, attention to detail and tremendous desire to meet the goals he sets as building blocks for the winning formula he seems to have struck. The 20-year-old also credits afternoon naps and coffee as essential ingredients to his success.
"I still have ambitions for the track – and the Olympics, too. Racing road will be a big learning curve, so I want to make the most of riding alongside the most experienced guys in the peloton."

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