Nico Vink

Scott Athlete

Nico Vink

Nationality: Belgian

Hometown: Wassmunster, Belgium

Date of birth: March 23, 1980

Sponsors: SCOTT, Hope,  Chatel Bikepark, Canecreek, Reverse, Loose Riders, Vans, Schwalbe, Ride Creations, Fmx4ever and Stoica Graffix. 


Nico grew up in Belgium in a small town called Sint Gilis Waas where his dad owned a bike shop. His dad raced MX so Nico got into riding at an early age. He has been riding bikes for 27 years and still loves it as much as on day one. In his early years he rode loads of BMX, skateparks and trails and at the of 16 got in to Dh racing. After being on the World Cup circuit for 15 years he needed a change and started riding more MX. Hitting the big Motto jumps made him want to go bigger on his DH bike and that's where he's at now. As a member of the Fest series crew, Nico is renowned for not only building, but also sending some of the biggest jumps the MTB world has seen to date. 

MTB Results:


Belgium Championship Houffalize 4x and Downhill 1st place

European Nissan Cup Overall 1st place

Nissan Cup Bouillon 1st place

Nissan Cup Malmedy 1st place

Nissan Cup Huy 1st place

World Cup La Bresse 30th place

World Cup Leogang 35th place

World Cup Fort William 35th place

European Nissan Cup Namur 2nd place


Nissan Cup Namur 1st place

World Cup Fort William 17th place

IXS Cup Winterberg 2nd place

World Cup 4x Houffalize 22nd place

Nissan Cup Laroche 1st place


Nissan Cup Namen 1st place

Nissan Cup Bouillon 1st place

Mega Avelanche Alpe D'Huez 17th place

Nissan Cup Laroche 1st place

Balatanbikefest 3rd place


Crankworx dual slalom 2nd place


Schladmings World Cup 22nd place


World Cup Mt. St. Anne 14th place

European Championship 7th place


World Cup Vigo 17th place

World Cup Pila 12th place


World Championship 22nd place


World Championship 18th place

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