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She's out there

Where the ladies at? We followed our athletes in different sports to show the diversity of women out there who inspire us every day through their own interpretation of our NO SHORTCUTS way of life.

The concept of NO SHORTCUTS, as an approach to giving it your all, can be applied to any manner of things. It can be taking time for your friends and sharing some good mountain bike rides with them. It can be finding your balance on your road bike, inside yourself or within a team. It’s daring to step out of your comfort zone and running to the top of a mountain. It’s getting out on your skis regardless the weather conditions to just do what you love. It’s living with authenticity and doing things for the right reasons. This series is about you and me. It’s about passionate women who are out there doing what they believe in, whether there’s someone watching or not.

Ep.1 – Sharing Stoke in Sierra Nevada

Karen comes from Germany, is a mother of two and has been living from mountain biking for almost 30 years. Lorraine is a former Canadian DH champion. She loves exploring remote places and sending it sideways on big jumps. Monet is the youngest of the group. She lives in the UK and splits her time between riding bikes and working as a freelance graphic designer.

All three love mountain biking. When they are on their bike, it doesn’t matter where they’re from or what their background is. The only thing that matters is that they’re sharing good times on mountain bikes, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

“That’s one of the best things about riding with Karen and Lorraine. I can learn so much from them, on every new ride. They’ve been doing it for such a long time and they’re both still having so much fun, they’re both still shredding.”

- Monet Rose Adams -



Get This Look

From head to toe, SCOTT has all the products to allow you to have the most fun when hitting the trails. With a large choice of feminine cuts, colors and designs, you will for sure find something that not only performs extraordinarily well but also actually fits you. Here are some of Monet’s favorite products!

Knee Guards Soldier 2

Knee Guards Soldier 2

"These knee pads are super comfortable and pretty easy to slide on and off over shoes whilst out riding. However I find them comfortable enough to pedal in all day without any rubbing."

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Vivo Plus Helmet

Vivo Plus Helmet

"The Vivo helmet is great as it’s equipped with mips® which gives me confidence on the hill as I know my head is well protected. Also the vents keep my head cool and stop me from getting sticky helmet hair!"

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Contessa Genius 710 Bike

Contessa Genius 710 Bike

"The Contessa Genius looks amazing and is a complete beast. Spec’d with women in mind, the grips have an ergonomic shape, the stem is slightly shorter and the suspension has been tuned perfectly. Being able to ride a bike that’s thought about women’s needs and takes their ability seriously is really confidence-inspiring on the trail!"

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  • Photos: Gaudenz Danuser
  • Filming & Editing: Shaperideshoot
  • Riders: Karen Eller, Monet Adams & Lorraine Blancher
  • Guiding: Manuel Lozano Chaves

Ep. 2 – Race-Life Balance

Get to Know Team Mitchelton-SCOTT

Toda a gente busca o equilíbrio entre a vida e o trabalho. Quando o teu trabalho consiste em ser uma ciclista profissional numa das melhores equipas femin’as de Pro Tour, este conceito assume um significado totalmente diferente. Durante cerca de 9 meses por ano, as ciclistas da Mitchelton-SCOTT vivem juntas praticamente 24/7. Portanto, passa’ tudo por encontrar um bom equilíbrio na equipa, entre treinos, corridas e ainda continuar a desfrutar da vida na estrada. As duras sessões de treino são equilibradas com boas gargalhadas, as duras provas sabem tão bem com a euforia do sucesso, os pontos fortes dos teus companheiros de equipa ajudam-te a superar as tuas próprias fraquezas….

“We can’t just go back to our friends and family on the weekend, or after a race. We have to really put a lot of trust into each other and build the relationships so that we can survive over here for 6 to 9 months of the year.”

- Gracie Elvin -

It’s my whole life, but I’m proud of that

Your team becomes your home

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És um ciclista de competição ou casual? Independentemente do visual que’ procuras, a Scott tem os produtos de que necessitas para te equipares da cabeça aos pés. Com uma vasta selecção de ajuste, cores e design, certamente vais encontrar algo que não só te vai oferecer performances extraordinárias, como também te vai encaixar como uma luva. Aqui estão alguns dos produtos preferidos’ das atletas da Mitchelton-SCOTT!

Sapato Road RC Lady

Road RC Lady Shoe

" Consigo pedalar durante horas com os meus sapatos Road RC Lady. Eles são tão confortáveis! O duplo fecho boa garante-me um encaixe perfeito, enquanto a rígida sola em carbono garante-me mais eficiência e transferência de potência para os pedais."

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Capacete Centric Plus

Centric Plus Helmet

" Com o capacete Centric Plus consigo focar-me totalmente na corrida porque sei que tenho a melhor protecção e consigo manter a cabeça fria graças à sua excepcional ventilação, algo que é muito importante, especialmente nos dias mais quentes de Verão."

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Óculos de Sol Leap

Leap Sunglasses

" O que eu mais gosto nos óculos de sol Leap é que eles encaixam perfeitamente no meu capacete. As lentes também são super fáceis de trocar e’ existe uma grande variedade de escolha."

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Bicicleta Foil RC

Foil RC Bike

"Adoro a minha Foil RC! É’ leve, rígida e super rápida! É’ a primeira vez que corro com uma bicicleta aero que é tão leve e sinto-me realmente bem com ela."

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  • Photos: Kramon
  • Filming: Etienne van Rensburg
  • Editing: Shaperideshoot

Ep. 3 – Daring to Take that First Step

As simple as it might look, running is intense. It forces you to push your limits. Every run will push you a little further and will make you discover a lot of things about yourself. Pro runner Ruth Croft has never been scared of stepping out of her comfort zone. She has moved to different places in the world and been through some ups and downs to live the life she has always wanted to live and to become an accomplished and renowned trail runner. Yet despite of all these moves and changes, one thing has remained constant: daring to take that first step, again and again.

“Daring is just giving something a go. You’ve got to be willing to take that first step and not be scared, because if you don’t, you will never know what it could be or what if could bring to you.”

- Ruth Croft -



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Ready for your next trail running challenge? SCOTT has the products to support you along the effort, from head to toe. With a large choice of fits, colors and designs, you will for sure find something that not only performs extraordinarily well but also actually fits you. Here’s some of Ruth’s favorite SCOTT products!

Supertrac RC Women’s Shoe

Supertrac RC Shoes

“The best shoe for trail running after the 7 league boots. Trust me. I tried both but the latter wasn’t really street legal...”

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Trail RC TR’4 Pack

Trail RC TR'4 Pack

“Wraps around your upper body perfectly and feels really comfortable. It’s like a hug with carrying capacity. Pretty rad.”

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RC Run s/sl Women’s Shirt

RC Run Shirt

“Adding yellow to an ALL BLACK outfit is a bit like throwing fire on a raging bull. Other people have DNS just by seeing this shirt on the starting line. True story.”

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RC Run Women’s Split Shorts

RC Run Split Shorts

“Short shorts with lots of air going through. Who wouldn’t want that for a hot racing day?”

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  • Realisation: Yann Audouin
  • Additional footage: Hensli Sage

EP. 4 – Reaching Happiness in the Alpine

Sabine and Laura are both from the Austrian alps and have grown up on skis. Skiing has become a way to escape their everyday lives and worries, to forget the stress of work and studies and to just focus on the intense moments they are living in the mountains surrounded by immaculate nature. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, if the wind is blowing or if the skies are blue - there’s something special that happens when you are out in the mountains. It’s this feeling of freedom and strength, both physical and mental, that our protagonists experience each day spent in this unique environment. Reaching the hut, reaching the summit, reaching happiness - what are you after?

“Skiing makes me happy, I feel light and free. I don’t think about anything else than my line down the mountain. I’m completely free of any other thoughts and can focus on the moment which I’m in right now.”

- Sabine Schipflinger -

When I’m in the mountains, I feel at home.

Skiing has enabled me to strengthen my character.

Get This Look

The mountains are calling! From head to toe, SCOTT covers mountain lovers with great clothing, goggles, helmets, avalanche backpacks, skis and much more! Make sure to have the best equipment to move about in the alpine with Sabine’s favorite product tips.

Vertic 3L Women’s Pants

Vertic 3L Women's Pant

“These pants are so comfortable I could sleep in them! I especially like the high bib that covers my back and keeps me warm and cozy even in hip-deep snow.”

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Vertic 3L Women’s Jacket

Vertic 3L Women's Jacket

“I love the fabric of this jacket! It is so soft and still features a completely water and windproof membrane. It protects me perfectly on all my ski tours and the many pockets allow me to keep my essentials handy while on the go.”

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LCG Compact Goggle

LCG Compact Goggle

“Simply the best goggle I ever had! It’s just too hard for me to choose the color - I like them all. The lens changing system is super easy and fast, so I’m sure to always have the right lens for my run.”

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Patrol E1 30 Backpack

Patrol E1 30 Backpack

“You never want to have to pull on this handle, but knowing that I have something on my back that can save my life, on top of my mountain knowledge and expertise, I can leave for ski tours with more serenity and confidence.”

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  • Photos: Andreas Vigl
  • Filming: Mischfabrik
  • Editing: Shaperideshoot
  • Riders: Sabine Schipflinger & Laura Überbacher