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SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing

Nino Schurter

Category: Elite  
Born: 13.05.1986 
Height: 172 cm 
Weight: 68 kg 
Hometown: Chur and Tersnau 
Hobbies: Bike, Freeride, Freeski, Golf, Technik 


World Champion Vallnord, Andorra

World Cup Champion

Swiss National Champion

1st World Cup  Mont Ste. Anne

1st World Cup Windham

1st World Cup Val di Sole

1st XC Race Sea Otter Classics

1st Short track Race Sea Otter Classics

1st Bonelli Cup, California

1st BMC Cup Solothurn

1st European Games Baku 

1st Olympic test event Rio

1st Rivera 



1. Worldcup Windham
1. Worldcup Mont St. Anne
1. National Championships Lostorf
1. Swiss Cup Lenzerheide
2. World Cup Albstadt
1. World Cup Nove Mesto
1. Swiss Cup Solothurn


Worldcup Overall Victory
1. Worldcup Nove Mesto
1. Worldcup Val di Sole
1. Worldcup Valnord
3. Worldcup Mont Saint Anne
2. Worldcup Hafjel
2. European Championships Bern
Winner Switzerland Championship Lenzerheide


Silver Medal Olympic Games London
Worldcup Overall Victory
1. Worldcup Pietermaritzburg
1. Worldcup Nove Mesto
1. Worldcup Mount Saint Anne
1. Worldcup Val d'Isere
2. Worldcup HouffalizeSchweizermeister Balgach 


1. Worldcup Pietermaritzburg
1. Worldcup Houffalize
2. World Championship Champéry 
2. Swiss Championship Plaffeien
2. Worldcup Nove Mesto
2. Worldcup Mont St. Anne


Worldcup Overall Victory
Swiss Champion
1. Maxiavalanche Flims (Freeride)
1. Weltcup Val di Sole
1. Weltcup Dalby Forest
2. Weltcup Windham
3. Weltcup Champery


Elite World Champion
1. Transvesubienne
5. Gesamtweltcup 


3. Olympic Games Peking 
1. U23 World Championship Val di Sole 
1. U23 European Championship St. Wendel 
1. U23 Swiss Championship Seon 
2. World Championship Team Relay
2. Weltcup Houffalize 
2. Weltcup Fort William 


4. Weltcup Offenburg 
U23 Vice-World Champion F. William 
U23 European Champion Turkey
World Champion Team-Relay Fort William 
European Champion Team-Relay Turkey
U23 Overall Winner Weltcup 
3. Weltcup Champéry 
6. Weltcup St.Felicién(CDN)
5. Weltcup M.St.Anne(CDN) 
6. Weltcup Houffalize(B) 


var. Top-10 Rankings Swisspower Cup 
U23 World-Champion Rotorua (nz) 
U23 European-Champion Alpago (it)
U23 Swiss Champion Savognin 
U23 Overall Winner Worldcup
9. Overall Ranking Elite Worldcup
1. Elite SPC Samedan 


U23 Swiss Champion
3. U23 World Championship
Vice-European Champion Team Relay

Riders's Talk

What place did you finish in your first race? 
For your legs: hairy, electric, waxing or razor? 
Razor or electric 
What do you put in your back jersey pockets when you go for a training ride?
My iPhone with headphones, some money for a coffee in bad times and a windbreaker.
Top 3 artists on your iPod that gets played the most? 
Mattafix, Kanye West and Jack Johnson for slow down 
Energy drink or coffee? 
Call the guys for training or getting called: 
Florian Vogel, Thomas Frischknecht, René Wildhaber, Silvio Bundi, Severin Disch: both
5 of the best ways to kill time
1. Facebook 
2. iTunes Music Store
3. Web 
4. Desperate Housewives
5. Play Wii 
Number of crashes at training: 
101 no more

Top speed ever during training: 
Temperature of washing machine, which is required to clean my cycling kit: 
Number of times my training bike gets clean per week/month/year: 
Once a month. I know, not enough ;)
3 words that describe Scott: 
Fast, cool and high quality 
Some Scott sponsored athletes that come to mind: 
Mat Rebeaud, Timo Pritzel, Florian Vogel