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Yanick-the-Mechanic is known as one of the most skilled mechanics on the XC circuit. As the main wrench for Olympic Champion Nino Schurter, he not only services the bikes of the fastest mountain biker on the planet, but that of the fastest team on the planet. As a chief mechanic of SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing, home of Nino, Olympic Champion Jenny Rissveds, Cape Epic Champion Matthias Stirnemann and others, Yanick is in charge of no less than 55 high end SCOTT bikes. Servicing Mountain Bikes, Cross Bikes and Road Bikes at the highest level is Yanick’s daily business. Check out and learn how to make your bike a better ride with our “How To” Series.

How to set-up Tubeless Tires

Riding with tubeless tires is what almost all Pro mountain bike racers are doing, and for good reason. With tubeless tires, you’ll face fewer punctures, you’ll have a better ride feeling due to less pressure plus you’ll carry less weight. The best part is that there is no magic required for setting up and maintaining tubeless tires. Yanick-the-Mechanic of SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing is an expert here.
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How to set-up your suspension

There is no secret to setting up your mountain bike’s suspension correctly. Once dialed, your suspension will make the difference on the trail! SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing’s Yanick-the-Mechanic fine tunes World Champion Nino Schurter’s suspension regularly. Check out what tips and tricks Yanick has for getting your bike up-to-speed.
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How to Pack a Bike Bag

Traveling with your mountain bike involves quite a fair bit planning, knowing how to correctly pack your bike being one of them. SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing’s Yanick-the-Mechanic packs countless bikes every year as the team frequently travels the planet on their chase for World Cup wins. He knows what you should consider when dismantling your precious ride and wrapping it into a travel bag. Check out what tips Nino Schurter’s head mechanic has for your next bike trip.
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The Perfect Bike Set-Up for a Mountain Bike Stage Race

Ever wondered what a perfect bike set-up for a mountain bike stage race looks like? With the first round of the UCI Mountain Bike XC World Cup over and the legendary Cape Epic stage race coming up, SCOTT-SRAM’s Yanick-the-Mechanic goes through Nino Schurter’s brand new 2018 SCOTT Spark RC 900 bikes and explains what the difference is between a Cross-Country World Cup set-up and a set-up for marathon stage race. 
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How to Make a Mountain Bike Race Ready

Brakes, bolts, gears, wheels, suspension- when your next Marathon or Cross-Country competition is near, you’ll want your rig to be 100% ready to race! Yanick-the-Mechanic knows what is really necessary for having your bike in the best condition. Check out how SCOTT-Sram’s head mechanic gets Olympic Champion Nino Schurter’s SCOTT Spark RC 900 fine-tuned for win after win.

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How to clean a Mountain Bike

If you didn’t think that cleaning your bike was a big deal, think again. There are several little details which will make you think twice about keeping your steed in pristine condition after watching and listening what Yanick-the-Mechanic has to say about it. Check out how SCOTT-Sram’s head mechanic gets the Olympic Champion Nino Schurter’s SCOTT Spark RC 900 clean again. 

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How to build a bike

Have you ever dreamt of building your own bike? For many mountain bikers, building a bike seems to be an undoable project. But putting together a full suspension frame actually isn’t that tricky. Check out how Yanick-the-Mechanic puts together Nino Schurter’s custom World Champion Spark RC 900 World Cup.

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