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Chavanel Joins IAM Cycling Roster

23 August 2013

Though 2013 is far from over, nevertheless the planning for 2014 is well underway.  Living by the motto “those who do not move forward move backward”, IAM Cycling has decided to optimize it’s roster to meet future challenges, even though the team feels pleased with its debut season.

Michel Thétaz

Gathering at the IAM Cycling service course in Nyon, Switzerland, Michel Thétaz, founder of IAM Cycling and CEO of IAM SA (IAM Investment Funds), along with team manager Serge Beucherie and team director and trainer Marcello Albasini are announcing the transfers and describing the team’s prospective for the up-coming 2014 season.

Sylvain Chavanel, Mathias Frank, Roger Kluge, Jérôme Pineau and Vicente Reynes will be riding in the IAM Cycling colors as of January 1, 2014.

As the team will retain its Pro Continental license, IAM Cycling will have a 25 man roster.  Considering the in-coming numbers, Rémi Cusin, Kevyn Ista and Alexandr Pliuschin will be leaving the squad.

IAM Cycling management

The perfect recipe

When reviewing the changes, Michel Thétaz expressed his satisfaction and joy regarding the progress of the team in its first year, before stressing his expectations for an even better 2014. “With the culture and spirit of the team, we were able to accomplish wonderful things this year.  Our recipe appears to have succeeded.  We haven’t often been to heaven, but on the other hand, we know the stars well.  Maybe we didn’t have as much luck at the Paris-Roubaix as we would have hoped, but we did succeed in winning races in Germany, France, Italy as well as Switzerland.  In 2014, we will be even stronger and more efficient with our forces.  I can admit that I was quite surprised by the level of interest we had from riders making requests to join the team.  So naturally, we have taken great care in choosing among the requests from riders, many of whom are very well known.”

And with a nod to the practical reasons for sponsoring a team from a business man’s point of view, Thétaz is able to speak enthusiastically about the positive impact the sponsorship of IAM Cycling has had on his investment company.  “The credibility our group has gained not only on the roads, but also on the sidelines has had a significant impact on the parent company.  Before the end of this year, we expect to exceed our projections on the investment return.”

Successfully defining the challenges

Serge Beucherie, who has been the team manager from its inception in April 2012, has focused his attentions again on the challenge of building a competitive team.  “Few people really believed in our chances.  We made certain to set to work immediately.  The seriousness as well as enthusiasm everyone has had for the project has helped; and without bragging, we have met our ambitious challenge.  We have achieved great things while managing to encourage an exemplary attitude and united state of mind in a team among riders who come from no fewer than 10 countries.”    

Serge Beucherie also gave some background to the rider transfer campaign.  “Both Michel Thétaz and I agreed that it seemed natural to set out to boost the roster for 2014.  Thanks to the prevailing atmosphere among our current riders as well as how seriously we take our work, we did manage to interest a number of excellent riders in our program.  Arrivals such as Sylvain Chavanel and Mathias Frank are perfect examples.  We have every reason to be satisfied with our progress and look forward to continuing in the same direction that we have taken ever since the team was founded in April 2012.”